Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Mahima Creates Misunderstanding Between Kashvi And Arjun


Yeh Hai Chahatein 30th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Pradyuman gives a tampered file to Kashvi office peon and asks him to keep it in Kashvi’s senior officer’s desk between approved files. Peon agrees and takes his bribe. Pradyuman thinks now his revenge on Kashvi is complete. Mahima gets ready in a red sari and thinks Arjun’s choice is really good, she looks better than Kashvi. She walks towards Kashvi’s room to get a kada from her and noticing Arjun over phone switches off lights and stands turning her back towards him to see his reaction. Arjun hugs her from behind thinking her as Kashvi and expresses his love for her. Kashvi walks in and switches on light. She is shocked to see Arjun hugging Mahima. Arjun nervously leaves Mahima and says Mahima is wearing Kashvi’s sari, so he tought it’s Mahima. Kashvi tries to leave. Arjun stops her. Mahima says Arjun didn’t give time to react. Arjun says they are of same height and Mahima is wearing Kashvi’s perfume.

Mahima asks if he can’t differentiate sense, she thinks he still loves her and hugged her purposefully finding a chance. Arjun says their relationship ended when she left him alone in wedding mandap, he married Kashvi and loves Kashvi now, Mahima should stop her misunderstanding and self-importance. Mahima says Kashvi is hurt now and he should sort out their issues. She walks away. Back to room, Arjun confronts Kashvi for giving his first gift to Mahima. Kashvi says it’s Mahima’s engagement and her sari was torn, so she gave her sari to Mahima. Arjun asks how could she disrespect his feelings for her. Kashvi asks why was he hugging Mahima, she feels Mahima is right that he still loves her. Arjun asks how can she say that, he is married to her and respects their marriage, he didn’t expect it from her. He walks away fuming. Kashvi thinks she wrongly accused Arjun listening to Mahima and feels guilty. She decides to apologize him.

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Mahima and Mohit’s engagement starts. Kashvi tries to stand besides Arjun. Arjun moves away. Kyun Aata Hai Seene Mein.. song plays in the background. After ring exchange, Daadi congratulates everyone and asks Arjun to bring sweets. Arjun goes ot get sweets. Kashvi walks behind him and asks if she can help. He angrily says he doesn’t need. She tries to feed him laddu. He rudely refuses again. Nitya returns home. Everyone feel happy seeing her back. Nitya gifts a necklace to Mahima and takes her to room in lieu of making her wear it. She confronts Mahima and what is cooking up, she knows Mahima’s behavior towards Arjun changed after he got his grandfather’s wealth; she thought Mahima will help her separate Arjun and Kashvi, but Mahima is playing some other game. Mahima says she is and it’s none of her business. Arjun asks Daadi to feed him laddu. Daadi asks Kashvi if she didn’t feed him laddu and takes laddu for him. Kashvi gets angry seeing his rude behavior and feeds him chilli before when Daadi tries to feed him laddu. Arjun stands huffing.

Precap: Kashvi watches news of children falling ill after having RJ Pharma’s medicines. She is shocked and says she never approved RJ pharma file. Her boss says her signatures are on the file and she may go to jail for this.