Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Micky says I love you Simran. Simran says I love you too. Arjun thinks Micky is the guy whom Simran loves, and thinks it is good that he has brought her here. He thinks to give them privacy. Micky tells Simran that Arjun did a favor on them, by saving her and tells that they have to elope. Simran says we have to wait for the right time. Kashvi tells Dadi that food was good. Adi says yes. Dadi says I am done and will go and rest now. Kashvi finishes the food and tells Adi that Dadi does the house work, and I ask her not to do it, but then stops thinking she will keep busy. She says she don’t get time due to work, to spend time with Dadi. Adi says I want to talk to you. Kashvi asks him to say. Arjun calls Kashvi. Kashvi tells Adi that she will talk to him tomorrow as she has important call to attend. Adi thinks he couldn’t propose her today. Kashvi goes from there and picks the call. She asks how is Simran? Arjun tells her that Simran is fine and happy and had eloped for Micky. Kashvi says this is good news and tells that they shall help them to unite. Arjun thinks I loved you so much, but lost you. Kashvi feels the same and tells that she loved him immensely, but lost him.

Next day, Dadi asks Adi to propose Kashvi today. They are outside the temple. Karun is going home with his friends, when he sees Dadi and runs to her. He asks where is Kashvi aunty? Dadi asks him to let her answer. She says Kashvi is in the office. Karun asks if old age people only do the puja, who doesn’t have any work. Dadi asks what to do with you Chutku Ram. Adi asks who is he? Karun says I am Karun, Kashvi Aunty’s best friend and asks who is he? Adi says I am Aditya and I am Kashvi’s boss. Karun says you doesn’t seem like and says if you was her boss, then would have been working with her and wouldn’t have time pass here. Dadi says she has forgotten to get puja flowers.

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