Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kaashvi notices that Arjun is sleepy and she tells him to sleep. She takes note for missing classes. On the other hand, Samrat gets information about Nitya’s scandal. He learns that Shehnaaz gaur is missing and she did not reach the court on hearing day and Nitya proved her innocence. He calls detective Joginath and asks him to find out about Shehnaaz gaur and disconnects the call. He thinks that Shehnaaz gaur is madam ji and she came to take revenge on Nitya.

On the other hand, Arjun wakes up hearing Kaashvi’s snoring sound. He tries to hold her nose. She hugs him in sleep. He goes to his side of bed. He says that he can’t sleep on the bed and he sleeps on the floor.

Mahima tries to escape the hotel through fire exit. But she gets caught by hotel staff. He understands that she is trying to escape without paying the bill. She lies to him that she was going for walking. He asks her to give her luggage to him and go for walking. She tells him that she don’t have money to pay. He tells security guard to call the police. She tells him that she just need time to pay.

Next day, Nayantara tells Samrat to not skip meals just because he is busy with mall work. She complains that he is not spending time with her. Samrat tells her that they will go for vacation once he finishes mall work. He picks Joginath’s call and learns that maybe Shehnaaz is dead. Joginath says that only Shehnaaz’s mother is alive. Samrat decides to meet Shehnaaz’s mother Daljeet to know what exactly happened 10 years back. Kaashvi wakes up and she assumes that Arjun is in the bathroom.

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Samrat reaches Daljeet house. He tells her that he came to talk about Shehnaaz. She asks him that how he know Shehnaaz. She says that Shehnaaz is missing from the last ten years. He tells her that he got to know Shehnaaz took bribes. She says that Shehnaaz used to took bribes and when her daughter wanted to change she got killed. She reveals that Nitya killed Shehnaaz. He gets shocked hearing her.

She says that Shehnaaz and Nitya were partners and they used to share the bribe money. But once Nitya took whole bribe money so Shehnaaz wanted to expose Nitya. And Shehnaaz had proofs against Nitya so she filed a case against Nitya. He tells her that Shehnaaz did not reach the court.

She tells him that Shehnaaz got killed. She says that Shehnaaz went to meet Nitya one day before court hearing and Shehnaaz did not return. And she is sure Nitya killed Shehnaaz. He tells her that it’s not prove that Nitya killed Shehnaaz. She tells him that she got Shehnaaz’s call that night and Shehnaaz said someone is trying to kill her.

Precap: Daljeet tells Samrat that only Shehnaaz know where she kept the proofs against Nitya. Samrat plans to expose Nitya in his reception party.