Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Samrat Refuses To Be Blackmailed By Mahima


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Wardboy gets angry on Samrat when he confronts him for changing a skeleton. He asks who is he to doubt him even after his help and asks him to leave. Samrat leaves. Wardboy calls a lady and says he replaced skeleton and didn’t let Samrat doubt much, she should transfer promised money into his account. Samrat returns. Kashvi scolds Arjun for messing up his clothes in cupboard. Arjun gets anxious. Kashvi says she knows that he never cleaned his cupboard and doesn’t know to fold clothes. Arjun says he knows and will fold his clothes once she keeps her clothes in cupboard. Kashivi asks if he is sure. He says yes, he is The Arjun Bajwa. She asks when was he named Arjun Bajwa. He says 23 years ago.

Wardboy gets tensed seeing Samrat back. Samrat says he hadn’t gone and was just acting, recalls hearing him calling someone. He holds warbody’s collar and asks whom he was speaking to and what is he hiding. Kashvi keeps her clothes in Arjun’s cupboard. Arjun asks if she kept them all and shows her undergarment left. She nervously snatches it and hides it in cupboard. Arjun says they are husband and wife and its normal if their undergarments are found between their clothes. Kashvi runs away feeling shy. Sam notices wardboy calling some madamji. Wardboy says he does wahtever she asks him to do in exchange of money. Sam asks him not to let his madam know that he knows about her and to keep him updated of her plan. Wardboy agrees. Sam calls madam’s number and finds it switched off, he thinks it’s not Nitya’s number as he has her number.

Mahima panics after learning that Veera’s cousin Kunal escaped with her money and accuses Veera of helping her brother. Veera says he escaped even with her 50000 rs which she gave him yesterday for the photoshoot. Hotel staff rings door bell and gives her a bill of 2.5 lakhs for her hotel stay. Mahima asks why so much bill. Staff says its a 5-star hotel and all the services she used are mentioned in the bill. Mahima says she will pay in the morning. Veera panics and asks how will she pay so much money. Mahima thinks of blackmailing Sam again and extracting money from him. Sam returns some. Nayan shows her concern for Mahima and says there is no news about her since their marriage. Samrat asks her not to worry about Mahima as she is selfish and can take care of herself. Nayan says Satish gave her Mahima’s responsibility when she was just 1-year-old; she considers Mahima as her daughter and can’t see her in trouble.

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Sam assures her that Mahima must be fine and thinks Nayan considers Mahima as her daughter, but Mahima wanted to character assassinate her. Nayan asks if he spoke to Nitya. Sam says not yet. Nayan says she doesn’t want their relationship to be tarnished. Sam asks what kind of a person Nitya is. Nayan says she is a best officer in whole Faridabad, but was caught in a scandal a few years ago where her college lady inspector Shehnaz Kaur accused her of taking bribe; Nitya was in high stress as her FIL had passed away then and Jagadish was out of town due to work; it was proved that Shehnaz Kaur herself was taking bribe and Shehnaz is missing since then. She goes to serve dinner. Sam thinks if Shehnaz is that madam ji who has returned to take revenge from Nitya, he needs to find out.

Kashvi returns home and finds the room clean and Arjun relaxing. She asks if he arranged his clothes in cupboard. Arjun says he is sarvagunn sampann like her. Kashvi opens cupboard and finds clothes crimpled all around. She scolds Arjun and walks away while Arjun apologizes her. Sam searches on internet about Nitya and Shehnaz’s case. Mahima calls him and blackmails him to send her another 10 lakhs or else she will expose that Kashvi is his daughter and Nayan was never married to Satish. Sam says Nayan and Kashvi did so much for her, how can she be so ungrateful to them. Mahima asks him to stop his lecture and send her money. He refuses and says he himself will reveal KAshvi that she is his daughter and he is proud of her, he will protect Nayan against any allegations. He warns her to dare not blackmail her again or else he will not spare her. Mahima gets tensed thinking how will she pay room rent now.

Precap: Sam learns that Shehnaz Kaur went missing on the day of court hearing. He asks his detective to find out about Shehnaz. Detective informs that Shehnaz has only a mother in her family. Sam decides to meet Shehnaz’s mother and find out what had exactly happened between Shehnaz and Nitya, then he will know who this madaji is.