Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Nayantara Questions Mohit


Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Samrat knocks Mohit’s trial room and asks if he is inside. Nayantara signals him to speak. Mohit anxiously says yes. Samrat asks why is he taking so much time. Mohit says he is trying different sherwanis. Samrat asks if there is someone with him. Nayan requests Mohit not to tell she is with him or else Samrat will be angry. Mohit says he is alone. Samrat says he heard someone speaking and asks him to come out and show his sherwani. Mohit comes out. Samrat searches for Ishani and doesn’t find anyone. Nayan comes from adjacent trial room wearing a bridal dress and asks how is she trying. Sam stands mesmerized with her beauty and asks what was she doing there. She says she came to try lehanga for the wedding. She recalls how she jumped into adjacent trial room and changed her dress. She asks if its good or she should change it. Sam says whatever she wants. Mohit says even he liked his sherwani and will keep it.

Sam notices Ishani with someone and thinks she wasn’t with Mohit in a changing room, that means he misunderstood. Nayan notices Prem with his mother who waves at her. She thinks he looks happy. Sam notices her and asks if she is plotting something against her. She says that’s none of his business. He says he made payment, she should collect dresses and come out. Prem with his mother passes by. Sam thinks its a known perfume, that means she is here; thinks why would she be in India. Back home, Nayan notices Ishani sad and asks if she is hurt with Mohit’s behavior. Ishani says it doesn’t matter now. Nayan thinks she needs to find out truth beind Mohit agreeing to marry Aaliya.

Mohit returns to his room and switches on TV. He gets emotional seeing his and Ishani’s photographs on screen and recalls quality moments together. He thinks lucky are those people who get their love. Nayan walks in and questions him why he is crying seeing these pics when he loves Aaliya; she insists him to tell truth as she knows he still loves Ishani. Mohit agrees. Sam walks in just then and seeing Ishani and Mohit’s photos on TV screen asks who played them. Nayan says she did by mistake, she was preparing Aaliya and Mohit’s picture collage and played these by mistake. Sam thinks chasmish Nayan is lying. Nayan thinks if Sam had not come, Mohit would have told truth.

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Sam takes Nayan to Aaliya and asks her to draw mehandi on Aaliya’s hands. Nayan agrees and draws mehandi. Sam asks her to write Mohit’s M on Aaliya’s hand. She does. He gets a call and walks away. Nurse brings hot water for Aaliya’s sponge bathe and drops it on her feet by mistake. Aaliya shouts in pain and fears that behanji Nayan will doubt her now. Nayan asks nurse to check patient’s vitals. Nurse checks and says they re normal. Nayan asks nurse if only she shouted when water fell down or even Aaliya shouted. Aaliya gets tensed. Nurse says she heard Aaliya’s voice. Nayan thinks if Aaliya is paralysed, then why did she feel burning. Nurse says she is right, its weird. Doctor walks in and says its not weird as the patient’s sensitive nerves react and Aaliya also reactd accordingly. Nayan asks if she is sure as she read that paralysed patient cannot feel pain at all. Doctor asks if she is trying to prove her wrong, she should find another doctor if she doesn’t trust her.

Nayan thinks doctor is lying and looked nervous, she needs to talk to her. She notices Revati giving money to doctor and confronts her. Revati asks what kind of a question is, she was giving doctor’s fees; Nayan doesn’t have any right to question her and should just do her duty. Nayan thinks treatment fees should be given to hospital and not doctor, she needs to find out truth.

Precap: Nayan records Sam, Aaliya, and Revati celebrating and threatens to expose them. Revati asks Sam to lock Nayan in a room till Mohit and Aaliya’s wedding finishes. He does same. Ishani insists to meet Nayan.