Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Mansi Blackmails Nayantara

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Mansi tells Nayantara that she will not have any relationship with Samrat until their divorcer and then will go far away from Samrat after that and if she doesn’t agree, she will viral the video. Nayan stands tensed. Mansi hides when Sam walks in. Sam asks Nayan she was telling that someone else is behind the attack on her. Nayan says even she feels Raghav is behind all this as he said. Sam says he said same to police. Mansi feels happy hearing that. Sam says she should go home and rest. Nayan frees her hand and says they should live separately from hereon. Sam asks what happened to her suddenly. Nayan says its not sudden, she feels she is getting into trouble since he entered her life and wants to divorce him as soon as possible. Sam says he can’t understand why is she behaving like this, they are friends. Nayan says she is tired of their fake friendship, earlier he ruined her life and now Mansi wants to get her out of his house at any cost, apart from that Ravhav is trying to kill her. Sam says everything will be alright. Nayan says she doesn’t need such a relationship and leaves from there apologizing Samrat in mind and thinking she can’t tell him why she is doing this. Mansi feels happy seeing all this.

Nayan returns home with Prem. Ishani asks if she is fine. Nayan says yes and asks her not to inform Malati about it or else she will get tensed unnecessarily. Ishani asks how did all this happen. Nayan says she will later and goes to her room. Mohit thanks Sam for bring Nayan safely. Sam says he is tired and goes to his room. Ishani says they both are acting weird as if they fought. Mohit says they are and asks her not to worry as everything will be alright. They both part ways. Mansi walks in. Aaliya asks her why Nayan is tensed, if she did something. Mansi says she is so intelligent that nobody can mess with her. Aaliya asks what did she do. Mansi says she has a trump card which she will use against Nayan and force her to obey her. Aaliya thinks what does she have that she is so confident.

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Mansi picks her pillow and tells Samrat that she is going to sleep in Ishani’s room. Sam asks why she is behaving weird and wants to break their friendship. Nayan says she already told him and wants to stay away from him. Sam asks what about Prem, he needs her most. Nayan says Prem has to learn to live without her, soon after their divorce, he will lead a happy life with Mansi and Prem and hence she doesn’t want to make it tough for him. Sam pins her to a wall and says their relationship is special, then why she wants to break it. Nayan gets adamant and leaves ignoring his plea. Mansi walks in next with her pillow. Sam asks what is she doing here. Mansi says she came to sleep with him in same bed. Sam throws her pillow away and warns her to dare not act oversmart and get out of his room. Mansi threatens that he will repent for his decision and leaves from there.

Mohit enters clapping and says he did right by kicking Mansi out of the room, he knows Sam loves Nayan. Sam denies. Mohit asks why did he save Nayan from bomb blast then, it shows his love for Nayan. Ishani also tries to explain Nayan that Sam took risk for her as he loves her. Nayan denies and says she wants to sleep now. Ishani thinks she knows Sam and Nayan have feelings for each other. Mohit tells Sam that he has less than 4 months to get rid off Mansi, so he should accept his love for Nayan and not let her go.

Precap: Intoxicated Sam expresses his love for Nayan. Malati and Paati hears that and decides to help him get rid off Mansi.
Sam asks Mansi to prepare food for his clients. Clients dislike her food.
Sam asks Nayan to give locker keys to Mansi.