Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nitya Doubts Kashvi


Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Nitya notices Arjun upset and asks why he is so hurt. Arjun says Kashvi hurt her, she is behaving weird since she met her bestfriend Kabir in Haridwar, she stayed back in Haridwar with Kabir and even lied to him after reaching Haridwar. He describes incident where he sees her with Kabir in Faridabad and calls her and she lies that she is on the way to Faridabad alone. Nitya comforts him and thinks the way he is feeling jealous and affected, it looks like he has fallen in Kashvi’s love. Arjun continues to panic. Nitya says Kashvi is his life partner and a sensible girl, she will not lie without any solid reason, so he should have some faith on her. He asks him to relax and talk to Kashvi when she returns home. She thinks if Kashvi is betraying Arjun for Kabir like Mahima did, she will not spare Kashvi then.

Mahima visits her parental house. Daadi gets angry and asks what is she doing here. Mahima says she didn’t come here to stay but to invite them for her wedding with Pradyuman. Romila says it’s a good news. Mahima says it’s a good news. Mahima says it’s a good news for her but not people around here, pointing at Daadi. She asks Daadi to come and enjoy a 5-star food which she wouldn’t have had in her life and respect Pradyuman as her . Daadi throws wedding card on her face and says she is dead to them after she eloped from house, nobody will attend Mahima’s wedding from her house and if anyone attends it going against her, she will kick them out of the house. Pradyuman tells Mahima they should leave from here as he can’t see her humiliated. They return to their hotel room. Romila visits them and shows her fake concern for Mahima. She promises to attend wedding even if Daadi kicks her out of the house, thinks there is nothing left with Daadi anyways and if she supports Mahima, she may get a house or a shop as a gift from Mahima.

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Kashvi returns home. Arjun asks how was her trip, if she came in a bus. Kashvi nods yes. Arjun walks out upset. Nitya asks him if he spoke to Kashvi. Arjun says he didn’t as she is still lying. Nitya thinks she should question Kashvi then. Kashvi speaks to Kabir and asks about Dadaji. Kabir asks her not worry about Dadaji. Kashvi says she will come to meet him at midnight after everyone sleeps. Kabir asks what about Arjun. Kashvi says she will have to lie to Arjun again. Nitya hears her conversation and follows her at midnight. She is shocked to see Kabir opening a hotel room door for her and getting her in. She thinks Kashvi is also betraying her son like Mahima did, she will confront Kashvi and kick her out of the house. She silently opens door and is shocked to see Kashvi with Arjun’s grandfather. She thinks how is he still alive even after she tried to kill him 10 years ago. Kashvi chats with dadaji and asks him to get well soon to meet his family. Dadaji nods yes. Kabir notices door open and sends attendant to close it. Nitya hides.

Precap: Arjun notices Kashvi return home late night and sees Kabir dropping her. He confronts Kabir for roaming with Kashvi. Kabir sa ys Arjun loves Mahima and Kashvi is his second choice, but Kashvi is first choice to him and he still loves Kashvi. Kashvi tells Arjun that she loves Kabirand wants to stay with him. She reaches hotel room and is shocked to see a masked person/Nitya trying to stab Dadaji.