Yeh Hai Chahatein 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Nitya outbursts on Kashvi


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Mahima questions Mohit about his fake tattoo. Mohit says I was getting the real tattoo made, but it was paining a lot so Arjun suggested fake tattoo. Mahima asks Arjun if he was making fun of her. Arjun says he just wants to increase romance in their lives. Mahima is about to go. Mohit apologizes to her and starts doing sits up. Kashvi, Arjun and others ask Mahima to forgive him. Mahima says ok, its ok and asks him not to do it again. Mohit says even if someone is getting tattoo made, then I will suggest him/her to get the real tattoo. Arjun says yes, of Mahima’s name and then says why someone else will get Mahima’s name tattoo. Kashvi says you explained in a bad way that nobody understood, and says we shall go home else will catch cold. They reach home. Dadi asks them to change their clothes.

Nitya comes home and starts scolding Kashvi, asking how dare she to do this, and asks if she is in her senses. Jagdish asks why is she shouting? Nitya says nobody went against me in my 20 years of Service, and says you didn’t just insult me, but also lowered my authority infront of her. Kashvi says sorry and says you have seen that injured boy’s condition, and says I was scared seeing him and wanted to help him. She says what was necessary that the delegates car shall go from the way or to save the baby. She says the delegates were not in danger, but the boy was in danger and even 5 mins were costly on him, and I thought this is necessary. Nitya scolds her and asks if she had read about how to make relations with foreigners and says if they were late for 5 mins then we all would have lost the job including the Police. She asks what about their families and their kids, if they have lost the job. She says don’t dare to say that you are right and I am wrong. She says if there was someone on your place, then I would have suspend you, but I will not suspend you as there is some relation between us. Arjun tells Nitya that Kashvi was trying to save someone and says if the convoy would have late then you would have made the dignatories and seniors understand that there was substantial reason, and Kashvi was trying to save someone’s life. He asks why you are angry, you shall appreciate her for saving someone’s life. Nitya says you don’t know anything, so don’t interfere. Jagdish says the matter was over.

Kashvi says I wanted to save that boy and that’s why did this. She tries to hold her hand while saying sorry. Nitya shouts don’t and goes to her room. Arjun tells Kashvi that she did right, and says Maa will understand and Papa will explain to her. Kashvi talks to her senior and says she will not give a chance to Nitya Maa for getting angry on her. Mahima comes there and asks if you have selected floral arrangements for me. Kashvi says today I will do it. Mahima emotionally blackmails her taking Nayan’s name. Arjun asks her not to blame Kashvi. Kashvi asks Arjun not to fight with her and tells sorry to Mahima, and says today she will get the arrangements done. Arjun says I will get all the work done, and will finalized the decoration and will talk to florist. He asks her to go to office and do work. He tells her about her words. Kashvi says I will give the florist number. Mahima hears them standing outside and thinks they are becoming hero and heroine, and I am becoming villain of a typical shown, and says I want to be Arjun’s heroine and thinks to create conspiracy. Kashvi gives the card to Arjun without checking. Mahima smiles and thinks Arjun will go to Chandini and not to florist, then he will get angry on Kashvi, when the dancer goes near him then Kashvi will see him and it will be Cherry on the cake.

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Arjun calls Chandini and says my wife gave your number to see the samples. Chandini you’re your wife is understanding and asks him to come to hotel. Arjun thinks to send Kashvi there and then thinks to go himself. Mahima smiles. Arjun goes there and thinks it is strange. He calls Kashvi and thinks there is some panga. Kashvi asks did you meet the florist. Arjun tells that the florist called him to hotel and asks if someone shows the samples in hotel room. Kashvi says may be she is getting decorations done and asks him to send samples photo. She ends the call. Arjun finds the door open and gets inside. He asks if anyone is here, I came to see samples. Chandini comes there and switches on the lights. He thinks why florist is in such clothes and asks her who is she? Chandini holds him closer and says I am Chanda, and asks what I shall become for you. Arjun asks what you are doing Chanda ji. Chanda says just call me Chanda. She says she is doing her duty. Arjun asks what you shall do? Chanda says you will know everything slowly. Arjun says you have a misunderstanding and says you came to see the sample. She says I will show you sample. Kashvi asks Inspector to make the convoy smooth travel. The floral designer Bubbly calls Kashvi and asks why she didn’t come for the meeting. Kashvi says my husband went to meet you at the hotel. Bubbly says I have a hotel, and why I will call him in the hotel. She says she will not do work with her and ends the call. Chandini tries to get closer to him. Arjun tries to resist her.

Precap: Doctor tells that they have brought the patient late, if they had brought him even 15 mins before then could have saved him. Kashvi tells Nitya that the boy died because of her, if she had let him go to hospital then he would have been saved. The boy’s mother complains to Police against Nitya. Kashvi reaches the hotel room and sees Chandini with Arjun.