Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update


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Kashvi thinks Arjun will now show the tattoo so easily and thinks she has to make him take out his shirt. She takes the water in the glass and throws it on his tshirt, and tells that don’t know what is happening and says water is falling from her hand. She throws it again and again and says sorry. Arjun says its ok. Kashvi asks him to take out his Tshirt and pulls it, to look at the tattoo. She says this means Mohit told me truth and says you got the tattoo done, and asks why didn’t you tell me. Arjun says Mohit was getting it done, so I got it done. Kashvi asks why did you get K tattoo made? She says you got it done from me and gets happy. Arjun says K for Krishna, jai Kanhaiyya lal ki. Kashvi gets upset, and asks him to change his clothes, and gives her kurta to him in anger. He throws it on the bed and recalls telling Mohit that the tattoo seems to be real. Fb starts, Mohit says now Mahima will value my love.

And my feelings will reach her through this tattoo. Arjun says you are right and says I forgot to thought about my love, while becoming love Guru. He says he will get the tattoo made of my love and says that too real? Mohit says you will feel more pain and asks him to get just the initial. Arjun says he wants all the name, but feels pain. Mohit asks if you felt pain. Arjun asks him to get fake tattoo done. Arjun says he wants K tattoo made on his hand, that too real. The tattoo designer makes the tattoo. Arjun says I am bearing pain for Kashvi and says I love you. fb ends. Arjun says I got Krishna ji’s name at the right time and says why Mohit told her. He says I am sorry Kashu, I can’t tell you now, but whne my bio gas project is successful and I find myself suitable for you, I will tell you I love you.

Kashvi comes to the road and asks Inspector if everything is happening as per the schedule. Inspector says delegates have left and are on the way. Suddenly an auto comes there. Constable stops the auto and says this road is closed for traffic. The guy asks them to let them go. Kashvi asks them to go using other way. The lady and her injured son gets down, and says they have to take their son to hospital. Kashvi asks them to go through other way. The guy says the traffic is distracted there, and there is a traffic jam. The other officer tells Kashvi that delegates can go from here at any time and it is Nitya’s clear order that nobody shall be allowed. He says they will get angry. The other officer asks them to go from there. The lady asks if you take responsibility of my son. Kashvi asks the officer to let them go and move the barricade. The officer argues that Nitya will get angry. Kashvi says if she was here, then she will take the same decision and says it is my decision, open the barricade. The auto drivers drive off. Just then their auto is stopped by Nitya’s car. Kashvi hopes that they reach at the right time. Nitya gets angry seeing the auto.

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Arjun comes home. Dadi tells him that Kashvi is busy so she doesn’t have time to select the dress, and asks him to choose some dress for Kashvi. Arjun says surely. He selects the dress for Kashvi and asks the designer to pack it. Mahima says I thought your choice is good, but it is bad…Arjun says Kashvi will like my choice, she will love it. Mahima asks how is the lehenga, how it will look on me. Arjun says you shall ask Mohit, and says you said that my choice is bad. Mahima says your choice was good at choosing people as you used to love me, and not good at choosing clothes. Arjun takes her to side, and asks what does she wants, what games she is playing? He says you are marrying Mohit in few days, and we all know that money is everything for you, and when you decided to marry Mohit, we didn’t believe as Mohit is not rich like you want, but may be you understood. She says everyone is happy here and taking part in your functions, but you are in another mode, and says you are clever, conspiring and cunning girl in typical serials. Mahima asks what you are saying? Arjun says if I am foolish and don’t understand that you are trying to get flirt with me, with talks and physically. He reminds her that she kept hand on his leg when they were in car, and she kept his hand on her waist forcibly during dance and she tried to take Kashvi’s place. Mahima says it was dance step. Arjun says liar, and says I know you well, so please don’t act and says I am your sister’s husband now. He says I know you well, you like challenges and you like to get what is difficult to get, ie, me, that’s why you are doing this. He says he is not the same Arjun who used to be mad for her, and says I have feelings just for Kashvi and I have said tata bye bye to my old feelings for you. He says Kashvi is my wife and nobody can take her place in my life and heart. He asks her to concentrate on her marriage. Mahima says she is feeling helpless and don’t know how to keep out this stupid thought from my mind. She comes near him and says I regret even now for leaving you on the mandap and says I know that I gave importance to money and not to love. She says now I realized that love matters to me a lot than love, and also realized that nobody can love me like you, not even Mohit. She says if I had not left you on the mandap, then I would be your wife today and not Kashvi.

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