Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Mansi’s Evil Plan

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th March 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Mohit gets happy seeing Seema back and says he thought she would spend more time at aunt’s house. Seema says she is excited to see Mohit’s wedding. Mohit says he is not ready for marriage as Ishani and Raghav’s incident is still pestering him and he needs some time to come to terms. Mansi says as he wishes. Aaliya overhears their conversation and thinks of using this news in her favor. Mansi ties her sari pallu to her suticase’s wheel and waits for Nayan to pass by. She walks towards stairs before Nayan showing her stuck sari in suitcase wheel. Nayan stops her and shows it to her. Mansi thanks her and asks if she can free it. Nayan agrees. Mansi thinks now she will show Nayan what she can do, its not easy to kick her out of this house. She acts as slipping from stairs and requests Nayyan to holds her. Nayan holds her hand. Mansi frees herself and falls down the stairs accusing Nayan of freeing her hand.

Mansi calls everyone for help acting as writhing in sever pain with fake bleeding. Sam and everyone rush to her. Mansi pleads Samrat to take her to the hospital as she fears for her child. Malati suggests to take her to the hospital. Mansi insists Sam to take her to her doctor. Nayan says they should go to hospital. Sam agrees to Mansi and takes her to her doctor. Nayan explains how Mansi herself freed her hand. Aaliya accuses Nayan of purposefully harming Mansi. Doctor comes out and informs Sam that Mansi suffered a miscarriage and is mentally weak, so she needs everyone support, especially Samrat’s. She asks Sam to visit Mansi. Aaliya continues to accuse Nayan. Sam enters Mansi’s room. Mansi cries that she lost her baby to gain Sam’s sympathy and accuses Nayan. Sam says Nayan told Mansi herself freed her hand. Mansi continues that Nayan hates her and killed her baby to take revenge from her.

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Police comes to arrest Nayan. Mansi says Nayan has to go to jail. Sam requests her not to do that. Mansi continues where fake drama. Mohit tells inspector that he can’t arrest Nayan as she was helping Mansi instead. Inspector refuses to listen and arrests Nayan. Sam also fails to convince inspector. Aaliya rejoices seeing that and congratulates Mansi for her succeeding in her plan. Mansi recalls using blood bag to fake her abortion and says was the only way to get Nayan out of Sam’s life. Aaliya asks what is her next plan. Manmsi says now Sam will get her back to his house. Doctor walks in. Mansi thanks her for her help and promises to reward her soon. Dcotor says her name shouldn’t be involved in all this. Mansi agrees. Sam enters and asks Mansi to take back her case in exchange of money or whatever she wants. Mansi starts her emotional blackmail again and asks him to return her baby. Sam says he can’t do that, but will give anything else she wants. Mansi demands him to let her stay in his house. Sam says he knew it and agrees. Mansi says he will also marry her.

Precap: Nayan returns home and asks Mansi why is she still here. Mansi says Samrat himself permitted her to stay in his house. Sam agrees. Nayan tells Ishani that Sam will marry Mansi after divorcing her, so she will leave this house. Prem requests her not to. Mansi tortures Prem for favoring Nayan.