Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th September 2023 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Mohit tells Kashvi that he didn’t want to lie and that’s why came infront of the car intentionally to commit suicide. Kashvi asks why? Mohit says my life is messed up and you are asking me why did I do this? He says I can’t live without Mahima, and says she is rude, stubborn, selfish etc, but I love her very much. He says when my family came to know about this, they want me to marry someone else, but I don’t want to marry someone else. He says what do you want, you didn’t want to apologize and got my marriage cancelled. Kashvi apologizes. He asks her to go. Kashvi comes home and asks Arjun to call everyone. Arjun asks where did you go? Kashvi asks him to call everyone. He calls everyone. They all come. Kashvi says I want to say something infront of them all. She says I am ready to say sorry to Mahima, and says this thing shouldn’t have gone worst. Mahima reminds her to rub her nose on her feet also, along with apology. Dadi asks her to take Kashvi’s apology and says she will not do anything. Mahima says she has always hurt me and if she does something bad with me again then she shall remember that she has rubbed her nose on my feet. She asks Kashvi if she will do it. Nitya thinks she was waiting for this scene and will be very happy. Kashvi bends down to rub her nose, but Arjun stops her and says he can’t see her insulted. Kashvi says I have to do this for Mahima’s marriage. Mahima asks what you are doing? Arjun says I will apologize and rub my nose on your feet. Mahima says ok, I don’t have any problem. Nitya asks why you want to get insulted.
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