Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun Doesn’t Want To Marry Kashvi?


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Samrat disagrees for Kashvi and Arjun’s marriage and says they will get Mahima maried to Arjun once Mahima returns, but he can’t let Kashvi pay for Mahima’s mistake. He takes Kashvi from there. Nayan prays god for help. Sam tells Kashvi that he knows she loves Arjun and also knows he doesn’t love her, maybe she will agree to marry Arjun under everyone’s pressure, but he can’t let her ruin her life like this. He gets Pradyuman’s call and walks away. Kashvi notices Daadi trying to slit her wrist as she failed to protect Sabharwal family’s dignity. She rushes and stops Daadi and asks her to control herself. Daadi apologizes Kashvi for trying to force her to marry Arjun, says Sam and Nayan are right that they can’t let Kashvi suffer for Mahima’s mistakes. Kashvi returns to Jagdish and agrees to marry Arjun. She says a very few children get a chance to save their parent’s dignity and she will not back off when she got this chance.

Jagadish thanks Kashvi for saving their dignity. Nitya hugs Kashvi and says she doesn’t have to apologize them and they are grateful to her that she wants to ma3rry Arjun. Arjun says he doesn’t want to marry Kashvi. Nitya asks if can’t see what’s happening here. Arjun says they all are seeking Kashvi’s opinion but not his opinion, he loves Mahima and not Kashvi. He asks Kashvi how can she agree to marry him. Nitya says its Arjun’s mistake that he loved Mahima who dumped Arjun for money, Mahima loves only herself and didn’t even bother about her mother’s dignity, she eloped with rich Pradyuman and when she learnt even he doesn’t have money, she dumped even him. She says she always imagined Kashvi as her DIL and Kashvi is the one who is thinking about their family’s dignity and elders, etc. She continues to try to convince Arjun. Arjun refuses again and says he loves only Mahima and can’t marry Kashvi. He alks away.

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Kashvi tries to walk behind him to convince him. Nayan stops her and says she should speak to her first before speaking to anyone. She asks Kashvi how can she marry Arjun when Arjun he doesn’t love her at all. Kashvi says she loves Arjun though. Sam asks till she will wait for Arjun to love her back. Kashvi says like he waited for Nayan for 20 years and says she can’t let Arjun marry Mahima who will use him for whole life but never love him; she justs want to protect Arjun from Mahima, etc. Nayan asks if she thought well as she just wants her happiness. Kashvi nods yes. Nayan and Sam hug her emotionally. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Kashvi then goes to convince Arjun. Sam says he is proud of his daughter as he knows that she is doing this for their family.

Arjun walks on terrace and vents out his frustration. His cousins taunt him if Mahima ditched him, he taunted their mummy that he will marry whether anyone comes or not, they feel sad for him seeing his bride escaping. Kashvi confronts them for being bad brothers and thinking wrong for their brother. She says not only Arjun will be humiliated but also their parents and whole family. They walk away. Kashvi asks Arjun not to bother about their words. Arjun says they spoke truth that his bride dumped him and eloped. Kashvi says he can shut their mouth by marrying her.

Precap: Romila tells family that neither Kashvi nor Mahima returned, they should inform everyone that the wedding is canceled. Arjun and Kashvi exchange garlands. Mahima returns and asks when she is a bride and standing here, whom Arjun is marrying.