Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th December 2023 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Karun prays to God and tells that he don’t know how to do puja. He says he wants to help Kashvi aunty, but you please don’t do anything to my Mamma. He goes to Kashvi. Kashvi says Karun, how you are here? She covers her face with her dupatta. Karun asks her not to hide her face and says he has prayed to God and now nothing will happen to her Mamma. He says he will go and bring the bandage. He brings bandage and spirit from Nurse, and cleans the blood stains on Kashvi’s face and neck. He then applies her bandages and kisses her hand. He says my Dad says wherever I kiss him, he gets relieved of pain there. Kashvi says it is a good idea and tells that she is feeling pain in the right cheek. He kisses her on the right cheek. She asks him to kiss on her left cheek. He kisses on her left cheek. Kashvi says you are superboy and relieved my pain. She asks him to kiss on her hand.

Mahima meets Gitika. Gitika says she wants Simran to die. She tells Mahima, you didn’t stop Kashvi, then why did you come out. Mahima says I came to help you, I didn’t know that Simran will die herself. She says just as doctor says that she is dead, inform me. Gitika says ok. Mahima comes to the lobby and finds Karun missing. She says he don’t sit at one place. Kashvi thanks Karun and tells that the blood on her was of someone else, as she has brought someone here to the hospital. She says his kiss is so relieving, that she took some of his kisses. He tells her that he is upset with her as she talked bad about his mother and asks her not to say it again. He says sorry for his behavior. Kashvi also apologizes to him and asks where is your Mamma? She says she wants to meet her and clear her misunderstanding. She asks what is her name? He says Mahi…Just then Nurse comes and asks Kashvi to come, as Simran got consciousness. Kashvi runs there. Doctor says Simran is unconscious with severe internal injuries. Simran tells Kashvi that she wants to tell her a big thing related to her life and says your….She faints. Kashvi calls her and asks Doctor to check. Doctor checks her and says Simran has slipped into coma. Kashvi says just now she was talking to me. She asks Simran to open her eyes and tell her what she was saying. She asks Doctor when she will come out of coma. Doctor says I can’t say, it can take a day, months, or years. Kashvi thinks she wanted to unite Micky and Simran and thinks what Simran wanted to tell her. Gitika hears her and thinks Simran shall die in coma state.

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