Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mahima frames Kashvi to stage a drama


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Kashvi tells Arjun that Mahima had locked her in the storeroom and she came herself as Radha to dance with him. She says why she is doing this, she will soon marry Mohit and will leave from here. She herself agreed to marry him and nobody forced her. She says it seems she had preplanned everything and was ready in Radha’s costume. Arjun thinks the way Mahima kept my hand on her waist, something is not right and she is doing something wrong. He thinks he shall not tell Kashvi, else she will get angry. He asks her not to think like that and tells that they shall think that Mahima helped to save the day infront of foreign delegates. He says finally they have dance, Arjun bajwa danced with his real Radha Kashvi bajwa. Bijli comes there. Arjun says I could dance with you due to Bijli. Kashvi says my cutie pie….They are about to kiss Bijli, when it moves and they look at each other. Arjun says Bijli’s timing is wonderful and tells that this happens between husband and wife. Kashvi says no. Arjun says lets sleep, from tomorrow there are Mahima’s marriage functions. Kashvi says goodnight.

The arrangements are done for Mahima’s mehendi. Romila stops kashvi and asks if she is going to office even today. Kashvi says she has to go and tells that she will return by afternoon. Romila asks her to bring mehendi from the shop. Kashvi says ok and goes. Mahima and Romila sign each other for another conspiracy. Later Kashvi tells Romila that she has made cones ready for Mahima and others. Romila says good. The guest lady asks Arjun to play the music. He plays the song. Arjun dances with the guests and the family members. He compliments the guest lady. The mehendi designers apply mehendi to Mahima, Kashvi and others. The designer asks Kashvi to tell her husband’s name. Arjun says I will write my name myself. The guest lady tells Kashvi that she is very lucky to have such a loving husband. Kashvi says the designer will apply. Arjun asks if she feels shame. Kashvi says no. He writes Arjun on her hand. Kashvi says I will write my name on your hand. He says he don’t want. Kashvi insists. He shows Kashvi’s name already on his hand. Kashvi smiles. He asks kashvi to dance with him. They dance.

Mahima gets jealous and angry. Arjun hugs Kashvi infront of everyone. Everyone claps. The guests say that they are made for each other, seeing their love. Mahima rubs mehendi on her hands in anger. The designer asks why she is rubbing the design. Mahima says she is feeling burning sensation and dips her hand in the water. Dadi asks why did you wash your hands? Mahima shows rashes on her hand and scolds the mehendi designer. The mehendi designer says your family members have given us cones. Romila says Kashvi has brought it from Magan lal’s shop. Dadi says we get mehendi from there. Romila asks Kashvi. Kashvi says I didn’t know this will happen. Romila says I will check the mehendi box. Mahima signs her. A fb is shown, Romila tells Mahima that she will change the new mehendi with expired mehendi box. Mahima says she will take revenge for yesterday. Romila then comes to Kashvi and sends her from the kitchen, and changes the new mehendi box with the expired box. Fb ends.

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Romila comes to the kitchen and shouts…She comes out and asks Kashvi how she can do this with Mahima, and says this box is expired. She asks Kashvi if she couldn’t check the date, before buying, and says mahima is your sister and she is bride also. Kashvi says I had checked the date and the date was not expired. Romila asks if I am lying. Kashvi says I didn’t bring this mehendi for you. Mahima says from where it came, and asks Kashvi if she has taken revenge from her, as she became Radha on her place. She asks if you don’t want me to be happy and don’t want me to get married, how can you do this being my sister. All the guests looks on. Mahima accuses Kashvi as if she is bad. Kashvi says why will I do this? Mahima acts to cry and says she has ruined my mehendi function, and yesterday also, she insulted me and then she revenge from me today. Arjun asks her to shut up. Mahima shouts why shut up. Arjun says that shop owner gave this box to Kashvi, so it is his mistake. He says he will get the mehendi changed and will bring the fresh box. Romila thinks if Arjun goes there then our lie will be caught. Mahima says Kashvi has ruined my mehendi function, and says she will forgive her if she apologizes to her infront of everyone. Dadi asks Mahima to be quiet. Mahima asks Dadi, why she doesn’t say anything to Kashvi and says today she will be punished. She says Kashvi will not just say sorry to me, but will rub her nose on my feet today. The guest lady says it is shameless act.

The guests ask how can Kashvi take out enmity on Mahima. Dadi calls off the function and asks the guests to go. She then asks Mahima if she is happy after doing this drama and says people will talk about us. Mahima says nobody scolds Kashvi and just scolds me.

She says until Kashvi apologizes to me, I will not continue this marriage functions. Kashvi says enough and says I will not say sorry and will not rub my nose. She says if I had done mistake then would have apologized by now. Mahima says so you will not apologize and says until you apologize, I will not continue the marriage functions.

Precap: Mahima tells Dadi that until Kashvi says sorry, I will not continue these functions. Kashvi refuses to apologize when Nitya and Dadi asks her. Jagdish supports Kashvi. Mahima returns ring to Mohit and calls off their wedding. Later Kashvi finds Mohit meeting with an accident in a drunkard state.