Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Kashvi to meet in Mela


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Kashvi returns home and asks driver if Karun’s father took him. Driver says yes, and he thanked you and said that you have done a big favor on him. Kashvi says no problem, it was not a big thing. She thanks Driver and asks him to go and rest. Driver leaves. Kashvi comes to Dadi’s room. Dadi asks why did your boss call you suddenly. Kashvi says boss has offered her promotion again, everyone in the dept is very happy with her as she exposed a big child smuggling racket. She says they want her to take the promotion, but she refused. Dadi asks why she don’t want to come to Faridabad, just because Arjun stays here. She asks her to move on and tells that Arjun has moved on years long back. Kashvi says she has moved on, but just that she don’t want to see his face. She tells that they shall leave from here as she don’t want her past to come infront of her. She says she will book their tickets, and checks, and says there is no ticket tomorrow, but I will book day after tomorrow tickets. Dadi says as you wish and says I want your happiness and wants your life to be complete. Kashvi says she feels incomplete due to him (Baby) and he can’t come back also. Dadi blesses her that she shall get what she wants in her life. She says we shall go to Diwali mela tomorrow before leaving Faridabad. Kashvi says ok.

Karun sees Diwali Mela’s promotion board and tells Arjun that he wants to go to Mela. Arjun asks him not to do any mischief and tells that he will take him to Mela. He says we will go there tomorrow. Next morning, Karun calls everyone to go to Mela. Jagdish comes there and asks him to give kiss to Dadu. Micky and Monty tell that they came first. Karun says I came first and you both came second and third. They ask where is your dad? Arjun comes there and says you are excited about mela. Jagdish says Karun is like Arjun and says he used to be excited like him. Arjun smiles. Romila comes there and asks Keval to come out, says he gets ready like ladies. He gets ready and comes out. Everyone looks at him. Romila says you are looking ok. Karun calls Mummy. Mahima comes there and tells that she will join them on the main door and asks them to go.

Kashvi asks Dadi if we shall go to mela and says she don’t want to see anyone there. Dadi says we will be bored her and says we shall go there to have new memories. Kashvi agrees and asks her to give her 2 mins.

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Arjun and his family reach Mela. Karun likes the mela and the stalls. He says I want to play all the games and wants to have food. Romila says how Karun will do all the work. Karun says I am not a child, and is grown up now, fully 5 years now. Arjun asks what he wants to do now. Karun says he will think. Micky and Monty tell that they will go and have chaat. Jagdish asks him to come with him to buy gifts for his colleagues. Karun insists to have candy floss and goes to the stall. Arjun gets candy floss for Karun. Dadi and Kashvi reach there. Daid says we will have candy floss, and says we didn’t have since so many years. Karun makes Arjun have it, and asks if he liked it. Arjun says yes and says your nose liked it much than you. Mahima thinks Karun shall keep Arjun busy, so that I can enjoy mela with my friends. Kashvi gets a call and turns to attend the call. Karun tells that he wants to shoot the balloons. Arjun says how you will do it as you are small? Karun says I am 5 years old. Arjun says we shall go for some ride. Karun says no. Arjun takes Karun to go for balloon shooting. Kashvi and Dadi come and get candy floss.

Karun tries to shoot at the balloon. Mahima says you are small and can’t win. Karun says he wants to win teddy bear for her. Arjun says he will help him. Mahima says I want the teddy. She thinks who needs the cheapo teddy and thinks to act as good mom, until her friends come. Karun and Arjun win the teddy. Karun gifts it to Mahima. Mahima thanks them. Arjun takes Karun for toy horse hide. Karun enjoys the ride. Arjun gets a call and goes to attend it, after asking Mahima to look at him.

Mahima’s friends come there and tell her that she is looking so beautiful and compliments her dress and jewellery. Mahima shows off her dress, necklace, bracelet. Her friend tells that her husband don’t gift her anything. Mahima tells that he can’t live without her. Karun is still riding on the toy horse.

Precap: Karun falls from horse and shouts Mamma. Kashvi takes him and asks where is your Mamma? He signs at Mahima. Kashvi says lets meet her. The goons see Kashvi and say they will not leave her.