Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun Apologizes Kashvi


Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Arjun asks Kashvi to reveal Jagadish and Aruna what Suraj and Pankaj did. Kashvi hesitates. Arjun asks her not to worry as he is with her. Kashvi reveals whole story and says it’s good that Arjun came on time or else she would have died. Aruna shouts Kashvi is lying, her sons can’t do anything like that. Arjun says he saw Pankaj holding Kashvi and shutting her mouth while Suraj trying to stab her with a broken bottle, he had to teach them a lesson to protect Kashvi. Aruna shouts he is talking about protecting Kashvi while they know he married Kashvi just to protect family’s dignity. Arjun says her sons tried to tarnish his dignity, her sons are a product of her bad upbringing, and he will make sure her sons are punished. Aruna shouts if he will get his brothers arrested for his wife, people will badmouth that Kashvi was having an affair with her BILs. Arjun warns her to shut up and says he is not worried about society and he reached there before Pankaj and Suraj could molest her, and even if they had, he would support Kashvi as it’s not her mistake. Aruna says he doens’t know if his wife would have been characterless before marriage.

Jagadish warns her to shut up and not speak a word. He tells Arjun that Suraj and Pankaj are wrong, but they can’t take this issue to police to protect family’s dignity. He promises Kashvi that he will make sure nobody eyes on her from hereon. Arjun agrees not to file police complaint. Nitya relaxes and thinks its good the issue solved here or else she would have to make more efforts to depress it. Arjun feels dizzy and painful after reaching room. Kashvi holds him and feels concerned. She offers him medicine. He notices her hand injury and applies ointment on it. He then asks why didn’t she take him along. Kashvi nervously says he was asleep. Arjun says there is some other issue as she is trying to ignore her since 2 days. She says she just wanted him to complete his assignments. Arjn says that is not the issue and insists her to tell truth.

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Kashvi says he lied and isn’t loyal to her. Arjun asks what did he do. Kashvi says they promised each other not to hide anything from each other, she knows he hates her face as it reminds him of Mahima’s betrayal. Arjun recalls saying this to Jagadish. Kashvi says she heard their conversation and knows he can never love her as he loves Mahima and can never be happy with her; he is the one who lied and is not loyal, etc. Arjun says he lied to her as he didn’t want to see her in pain. He says he learnt in recent days that they blame others for their mistakes and failures and don’t realize that whatever happens with them is because of their mistakes; he was wrong not to see Mahima’s truth and blamed Kashvi for his mistake. He continues to apologize her for breaking her heart while she supported him when he was shattered after Mahima’s betrayal. He thanks her for all the things she did to him and apologizes her.

Precap: Arjun notices Kashvi’s wound and says Suraj and Pankaj have to pay for their sin. Police comes to arrest Suraj and Pankaj in Kashvi’s attempt to murder and molestation charges. Nitya tells Sharma that if they are caught, they will point at Sharm and even she will be exposed. Sharma brings Suraj and Pankaj to police station. Arjun asks how did Sharma know where they were.