Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Mahima’s evil act against Kashvi


Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Dadi and Jagdish appreciating Bijli. Jagdish says you plan worked. They go from there. Kashvi paints Arjun’s body blue to make him ready as Kanha ji, while he looks at her. Song plays….Arjun tries to go near her for a kiss, but just then Nitya shouts Arjun and comes there. She asks him to get ready fast. Arjun says paint shall dry in sometime. He tells Kashvi that he don’t want his color to be applied to someone else, and that’s why she can’t go from here. Nitya brings the foreign delegates to show the janmasthami. Jagdish welcomes all the guests and tells that they celebrate Janmasthami to celebrate birth of God Shri Krishna. Arjun is on the stage as Shri Krishna. Jagdish says Shri Krishna used to steal the butter from everyone’s house, and everyone in Gokul used to keep butter for him and his friends. He says among his friends, Radha was dear to him and she was his lover too…and he used to call him Radhe….Arjun calls Radhe, and gets worried when Kashvi don’t come to the stage.

Kashvi hears Bijli screaming voice and comes to the storeroom. She switches on the lights and finds Bijli. She asks Bijli not to be scared and says she will take her out. Mahima locks the door from outside. Kashvi thinks who has locked the door, and shouts for help. Arjun says Radha wants me to wait, she might be getting ready and doing shringaar. He says I will present a dance with my Radhe, till then my Gopis will dance infront of you. He goes from there. The little kids dance.

The song plays Shri Krishna…Romila goes from there. Nitya thinks why Kashvi and Arjun are not starting their dance. She goes to check. Arjun tells Jagdish that Kashvi went before me. Dadi asks Mahima if you saw Kashvi. Mahima says I am coming from my room directly and recalls locking Kashvi in the storeroom. She asks why you are taking tension, and says Kashvi is a big officer and must have gone for important work. Arjun says Kashvi will not go anywhere without informing me. He says he will go and see where is Kashvi? Romila says she will go and see with Mahima, and asks Arjun to be here, else they will be insulted. Romila recalls locking Bijli in the room, and thinks after finishing the bone, you will cry and then Kashvi will be locked just as she comes here, and Mahima will dance with Arjun. Fb ends.

Mahima and Romila come home. Romila says we shall go and tell that Kashvi is not at home. Kashvi thinks how I will call everyone, there is no phone here. She asks Bijli not to cry and says she will search some way to come out. Kashvi tries to move the cupboard kept infront of the window, but she can’t move it. Nitya comes to Arjun and asks why kashvi and you are not performing. Arjun says she is missing and says she must be at home. Nitya says it is heights of her irresponsible and says how she can be so careless and irresponsible. Mahima and Romila come back. Mahima says Kashvi is not at home. She has called her phone number, but it is unreachable. Nitya says she has called the guests to see their dance, and asks who will dance with Arjun. Mahima says if you feel right then I can dance with Arjun, as Kashvi is not here. Romila says it is a good idea, and Nitya’s respect will be saved. Arjun says no, you don’t need to be Radha, I will wait for Kashvi. Nitya says Mahima is right, and tells that she don’t want to be insulted infront of her foreign delegates. She asks Mahima to get ready like Radha, and get ready for the performance.

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Kashvi sits and sees color on her hand. She thinks she will not let him lose and will dance with him. She says I will be with you at any cost. She gets up and makes the cupboard falls down. She opens the window and finds grill. She says I can’t do anything about this grill. Romila appreciates Mahima and says you have done wonder. Dadi hears and asks what did she do? Romila says Bajwa family has done favor on us, and Mahima is saving their respect. Dadi asks if she is sure. Romila says yes. Mahima says what else. Dadi says I know her well and even now. She asks Mahima if she is involved. Mahima says I was infront of you, and you are doubting me. She asks shall I get ready now, or you will ask me more? Dadi goes. Mahima tells Romila that she will bring lehenga. She takes out similar lehenga, and recalls Monty bringing costume for her, and asks why you asked me to bring Radha’s costume, as Kashvi is becoming Radha. Mahima asks him not to use his mind and tells that she is giving him money to be quiet. She gives him money. Fb ends. Romila keeps the dupatta on Mahima’s shoulder. She asks when to take her out. Mahima says let her be rotten in the storeroom, after the function ends, someone will hear her and take her out. She says until then let me enjoy the limelight of becoming the heroine.

Precap: Mahima and Arjun begin dancing as Radha and Krishna. Kashvi says how to go out of room. Mahima keeps Arjun’s hand on her waist while dancing. Kashvi asks Bijli to go out through the window. Bijli goes to Arjun on the stage and barks citing danger. Arjun looks on.