Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun Receives His Grandfather’s Inheritance


Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Mahima saves Nitya from getting caught and boasts about herself. Nitya says she doesn’t forget her enemies and friends and will help her in need. Arjun tells inspector that the killer didn’t come yet, it means he learnt about the plan and escaped. Nitya walks in acting as shocked hearing about Dadaji’s death. Jagadish walks in next. Arjun informs how Kashvi found Dadaji dead when she went to offer him soup, how he planned to catch the killer by spreading fake news, etc. Jagadish cries hugging Arjun. Nitya feels happy that her problem is solved forever and continues to act. Inspector tells them that they can take Dadaji’s body for last rights.

Back home, Arjun cries seeing his and Dadaji’s photo. Kashvi tries to comfort him. Arjun says Dadaji wanted him to become a civil service officer like him, but he failed test. Kashvi says he has a heart of gold and should work hard and try to pass the exam again and fulfill Dadaji’s dream. Servant informs Arjun and Kashvi that Nitya is calling them for dinner. They both walk out. Om says he will return to Haridwar and serve someone else as Dadaji is dead now. Arjun emotionally hugs and thanks him followed by Jagadish. Om gives him a key and says Dadaji used to keep it with him always. Jagadish says he and Bauji had a joint bank account with a locker, maybe its a key of that locker. He tells Arjun that they shall visit bank and check that locker. Nitya fears that Dadaji must have kept evidence against her in the locker and insists to accompany them.

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They reach bank where manager opens locker and they find a box within it. Manager says Digvijay was their esteemed customer and he is sorry for their loss. They return home and open the box and find a pouch in it. Nitya relaxes that there is no evidence against her. Arjun further finds a letter. Jagadish reads letter that Dadaji converted his life’s earning into diamonds and kept it for Arjun, he wants Arjun to become a civil service officer and use his earnings wisely. Nitya says Bauji used to love Arjun a lot. Romila asks to show her the diamonds to check if they are real. Dadi shuts her mouth. Jagadish calls jeweler who informs that these are rare diamonds worth crores and he can get clients to pay the amount they ask for. Greedy Romila takes Mahima aside and says she lost a chance of becoming rich. Mahima says she loves money and will snatch back Arjun from Kashvi, she will make sure Arjun would be hers and also his money.

Precap: Kashvi returns home and is shocked to see Arjun lifting a towel-clad Mahima.