Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun apologizes to Kashvi


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Adi tells Dadi that when he proposed her, Kashvi refused his proposal saying she has feelings for her ex-husband till now. He says its ok, but I got hurt that she lied to me. He says if she has feelings for her ex husband then why did she kiss Arjun, this means that she has feelings for Arjun. He says I know her well, if she has no feelings for him then she wouldn’t have kissed him. He says in the training centre, the people gossip about them, but he never believed the rumours. He says he couldnt understand if she loves her ex or Arjun. He says what matters to me is that she doesn’t love me and says his heart is broken. Just then Simran calls him and tells that Micky had come here and Police arrested him. Adi asks what is the problem? She says he wanted to elope with me again, and says if he comes here then they will kill him, and asks him to keep him in the lock up for his safety. Adi says he will see what to do and ends the call. He tells Dadi that Kashvi has lied to him and has broken his heart. He says dont ask me to propose her again. Dadi asks him to listen. He goes. Adi says Arjun is her ex husband. Harman and Gitika ask Simran, to whom she is talking to. Harman holds her by her hairs and says you will do what we ask you to do. Gitika snatches phone from her hand. Simran cries.

Arjun thinks of Kashvi and Adi and gets upset. Kashvi recalls seeing him with Mahima and gets upset. He recalls kissing Kashvi and then Kashvi asking him to stay away from her. Kashvi cries recalling the happenings. The driver asks if you are fine. Kashvi nods her head. Arjun says you said that you have moved on, as Aditya proposed you bending down on his knees. He says you will accept and says what I have given you, pain and sadness. He falls on Divansh’s car. Divansh comes out of the car. Arjun says everything is over, she left me. Divansh takes him in his car.

Kashvi reaches home. She asks Dadi why she is awake and haven’t slept. Dadi says I have to be awake as you are sleeping till now. She asks what is happening? Kashvi asks what happened? Dadi says I can expect this from Mahima, but not you, how can you stoop low? Kashvi asks what I have done. Dadi says I am feeling ashamed to say this, and asks how can you kiss Arjun? She slaps Kashvi and tells that Arjun is Mahima’s husband now. She says you can’t become second woman in Mahima and Arjun’s life. Kashvi says you are misunderstanding me, and tells her everything. Kashvi says I didn’t kiss him, but he kissed me in drunkard state, and I pushed him just as I realized it. Dadi says you have refused Adi’s proposal and then Adi saw you kissing Arjun and his heart broke fully. Kashvi says I couldn’t agree for marriage as I don’t love him. She says what happened to Arjun and my marriage, it was loveless marriage so broke. Dadi says you have hurt Aditya so much and has hurt me too. She goes crying.

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Next morning, Jagdish gives coffee to Arjun and tells that Divansh had come to drop you. He asks why did you drink if you can’t handle, and asks what would happen if Karun saw you. Arjun says I didn’t drink much. He says he has done wrong with Kashvi and tells that he couldn’t tell his truth to her. He says I will say sorry to Kashvi and will tell her the truth. Jagdish asks him to shut up and says you have no relation with Kashvi, and says Mahima is your wife and Karun is your son. He says that night, you was with Mahima with your wish, and asks if he will divorce her and marry Kashvi. He asks if Mahima will give Karun’s custody to you and asks if Kashvi will accept Karun as Mahima’s son. He says you can’t get Kashvi and hugs him. Arjun thinks he is right.

Romila tells Mahima that Micky is not reachable since night. She says Monty said that he is fine, but I am afraid. Mahima asks her to relax and don’t give her tension. Teacher brings Karun to Principal Sir, and tells him that Karun has lice in his hair. Principal calls Mahima and tells her about Karun having many lice in his hair, and asks her to take him from there and send him to school when he gets rid of lice fully. Mahima asks him to give call to Karun. Karun takes the call. Mahima starts scolding him and says you have grown up and shall clean yourself. She asks him to take his bag and go home. Karun tells Principal that he will go home.

Arjun comes to Kashvi and tells her that he wants to apologize to her for the blunder. Kashvi says she don’t want to listen. Arjun says my mind was not in my place, and tells that he had taken just one drink, but don’t know what happened to me. He says he didn’t mean to disrespect her or insult her. He apologizes. Kashvi says its ok, as you realize your mistake, it is enough for me. She says we shall keep our personal and professional lives separately. He thinks whenever I see you with Adi, my heart will break, but I have to bear this for my Karun. He thinks this is my helplessness and don’t think it as my love.

Precap: Kashvi tells Simran that she wants to help her. Gitika asks Mahima to stop Kashvi and says I don’t want my bahu to run with Micky else I will tell truth to Kashvi that her son is alive. Simran overhears them. Adi thinks he got the file to check who is her ex husband. Simran tells Gitika and Mahima that she will tell truth to Kashvi that her son is alive.