Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi proves Arjun’s innocence in the court


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Nitya telling Kashvi that when she has decided to divorce Arjun, then she has no right to stay here. Kashvi says you are right, I will leave after this case ends. Nitya asks what do you mean? Kashvi says she has no time to explain now and goes. They leave. Mahima thinks now she can enter Arjun’s life, Arjun and his money both are hers. In the court, Pradyuman asks Kashvi that Arjun is accused for selling expired medicines and he is now in jail and asks if she will not support Arjun. Kashvi says I don’t support injustice and wrong. He says you want to say that Arjun will be punished. Kashvi says the guilty will be punished. He says I heard that you are divorcing Arjun, but the Indian woman supports her husband. Kashvi says she hates injustice, and don’t support wrong, and for her, her name and career is more important to her than Arjun. He asks why don’t you move Arjun from the biogas project. Kashvi says when case verdict comes, Arjun will move from the project himself. Pradyuman thinks the biogas project will be mine now.

Everyone come for the court hearing. Mahima tells dadi that this is Kashvi and you shout at me and calls me greedy and selfish, and you don’t tell her anything. She sees Pradyuman and wonders what is he doing here. The court hearing starts. The prosecution lawyer tells the Judge that Arjun Bajwa is the owner of the RJ health care pharma, they have spread wrong medicine in the market, because of it many kids are severely ill and many are fighting with life and death even now. He says Arjun’s company has released a press release accepting the blame of distribution wrong medicine in the market and asks the Judge to give him rigorous punishment so that no pharma company does this again. The defence lawyer tells that he accepts that Arjun has issue the press release and also took the responsibility, and he has also taken care of the victim’s family and gave them compensation and got all the medicine back from the market so that it can be destroyed and the company suffered big losses due to this. The prosecution tells that the heinous accusation will not be wiped off with compensation. Kashvi’s lawyer comes there and says I want to present some evidence to clear this case. Arjun’s lawyer asks why did you come here, and says you will harm the case. Kashvi’s lawyer asks him to let him submit the proofs. Prosecution tells that Mr. Choksey is Kashvi’s lawyer and she is the honest civil officer, I don’t have any objection if he shows the proofs for the case.

Mr. Choksey tells that Arjun Bajwa is the new owner of the RJ pharma and says just as he bought the company, he has taken all the responsibility on himself. And his company suffered big losses due to this. He says according to the papers, the deal was signed on 15th August at 2 pm, but according to Police’s records, he was in Nekpur for flag hoisting where riots had happened. He says Kashvi was attacked there, and Arjun saved her. He says at one side, papers were signed and the other side, Arjun was in Nekpur. He says it proves that he didn’t sign the deal that day. He shows the records proving his point. Arjun says I have signed on the 15th August only. Mr. Chokey says this is truth. Nitya says what happened to Arjun. Mr. Chokey says he has witness Ramesh Jaiswal, old owner of the Pharma company. The old owner comes to the witness box. Mr. Choksey asks him to say the truth. Mr. Ramesh Jaiswal tells that the deal had happened after 5 days, and not on 15th August. Arjun says he is lying, and says the deal happened on 15th August. Mr. Choksey says Mr. Ramesh Jaiswal is saying truth and asks him to let him continue his statement. Mr. Choksey asks Mr. Ramesh Jaiswal that the incident happened with the kids before the takeover of the company, so you are responsible. Mr. Ramesh Jaiswal says I am not responsible and tells that he had got the approved orders from collector’s office and it had Kashvi Bajwa’s signs also. Mahima tells Dadi that this is Kashvi. Dadi says no. Kashvi gets up and says I have signed and that’s why I am responsible and not Arjun Bajwa. Everyone is shocked. The Judge asks her to come to the witness box and say.

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Kashvi comes to the witness box and says Mr. Jaiswal is right, as the papers was signed by me, so I am responsible and not Arjun Bajwa. Arjun says no, it is my company’s mistake, and I am taking the responsibility for whatever happened with the kids, punish me but not Kashvi. Kashvi tells Judge that Arjun is lying, he had bought company on 20th August, and not on 15th August. She says he was doing this to save me. Arjun says this is not truth. Kashvi says this is truth and says I was doubtful when Arjun’s lawyer refused to give me files, then I have threatened to divorce Arjun and I can access all the files during divorce proceedings, so that’s why I did this. Dadi says what? Everyone is shocked. Arjun says Kashvi.

Kashvi says you have bought company to save me and I have done divorce drama to see the files, as I want to prove that Arjun didn’t buy the company on 15th August but on 20th August. A fb is shown, Mr. Choksey comes to Kashvi and tells that Arjun’s lawyer was shocked knowing that she is divorcing Arjun, and that’s why didn’t see that the papers are not signed by you. Kashvi says I am just doing drama to reach RJ heathcare Pharma file. Mr. Choksey says you are taking a big risk. Kashvi says I can do anything for Arjun. She says we shall check the files fast, as tomorrow is the case hearing in fast track court. Mr. Choksey checks the date and says the deal was signed on 15th August. Kashvi asks about the time mentioned. Mr. Choksey says 2 pm. Kashvi says this is not possible and Arjun was with me in Nekpur and not in Faridabad. She says he can’t do the deal that day and says they shall meet the old owner. Mr. Choksey asks why will he help us. Kashvi says I will talk to him. She goes to Mr. Jaiswal and says she wants real papers and not fake papers.

Mr. Jaiswal checks the date and thinks this is wrong date papers, it is good that I will be saved as Arjun is taking all the blame. He says these papers are real. Kashvi threatens to call the Police, and says that day Arjun was with me. Mr. Jaiswal shows the real papers. Kashvi realizes that day it was her hearing, and Arjun was not picking the calls, as he was signing the papers to save me. She thinks he was saving her, and got the papers made with old date, so that I get freed from the case. She thinks he sent his lawyer so that she gets freed from the case and he took all the blame. She thinks she is foolish not to understand this, and thinks she has hurt him so much, and promises to take him out of the jail, even if she has to go to jail. She tells Mr. Jaiswal that tomorrow is the case hearing and asks him to give the statement. Mr. Jaiswal says I don’t want to go to jail. Kashvi says you will not go to jail, my intention is to save Arjun. Mr. Jaiswal says ok. Fb ends.

Kashvi tells the judge that Arjun Bajwa and Mr. Jaiswal are innocent and I want to keep some facts infront of you, else two innocent people will be punished. She asks court to give her permission to clear the facts.

Precap: Kashvi tells that Arjun Bajwa, her husband had signed this deal on 20th August, the same day when her dept had set enquiring against her, as they got the papers where there was accepted stamped with her signatures. Prosecution lawyer says if your husband is not guilty, then you are definitely, as you have accepted just now that you have signed on the approved papers, so you shall be punished. Kashvi says if I say that the culprit is someone else then?