Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th July 2023 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Kashvi

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Kashvi checks Nitya’s sari and finds its pallu intact. She thanks god that Nitya is not that madamji and didn’t her parents. Nitya watches from behind and thinks she knew Kashvi would check her sari pallu. She recalls her sari getting stuck in a window nail while getting out and it’s piece getting stuck there. She escapes before Kashvi could reach her. She further recalls buying a new sari from sari shop owner and replacing it with her torn sari, giving torn sari to destroy it, and informing him that her children Kashvi and Arjun were following Birju and she killed Birju without them noticing her. Out of flashback, she thinks now Kashvi will never doubt her.

Kashvi picks Samrat’s sent gift box for her and opens it. She finds Samrat and Nayan’s photo with a voice message from Samrat. He plays message where Samrat reveals that he is Kashvi’s father and wants to see her reaction when she learns about it. Kashvi gets emotional hearing that. She further hears that he wants to expose a woman in Kashvi’s in-law’s house who is very dangerous and murdered many people; he is gather proof against her soon and is just worried for his daughter’s safety. Kashvi recalls Nitya’s sari pallu and thinks if Nitya is really the woman Sam is warning her. Arjun asks Kashvi if she is ready to attend a lecture. Kashvi thinks she should inform him about Sam’s message until she finds evidence and says she will be ready in a minute.
Nitya tells Sharma that Arjun is her son and will never doubt her and she diverted Kashvi’s suspicion from her.

Arjun with Kashvi reaches class to attend lecture. His friend congratulates him for marrying the love of his life Mahima. Arjun says he married Kashvi instead. Friends joke on him that he thought Kashvi is more beautiful and fell for her. Arjun feels irritated. Teacher reaches and starts class. Mahima with Veera reaches a five star hotel for interview and they both get a receptionist job. She tells Veera that she will show her how she will lure a rich boy and trap him. A young boy walks in. Mahima flirts with him and upgrade his normal room to a suite. Boy calls his friend and says this beautiful girl upgraded their room to a suite. Pradyuman walks in and says he doesn’t need favor and has already booked a suite, he is very rich. Mahima is shocked to see him and calls him by name. Pradyuman shouts how dare she is to take his name and asks Veera if they treat their customers this way. Veera apologizes and gives him suite key. Pradyuman thanks her and warns Mahima to remember her limits and never cross it.

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Kashvi notices Aruna cooking in a kitchen and recalls Sam’s words that a criminal stays in Kashvi’s in-law’s house. She thinks there are only 3 women in this house and if Nitya is ruled out, Aruna can be that woman. She asks Aruna if she has a sari similar to Nitya’s. Aruna yells at her. Nitya feels good that Kashvi is doubting Aruna instead and tells her that Jagadish gifts similar saris to both of them on each diwali, she had worn one sach sari yesterday. Kashvi thinks Aruna must be that murderer. Arjun gets heavily drunk recalling his friend insulting him and his love for Mahima.

PRecap: Arjun tells Jagadish that he married Kashvi to save family’s dignity, he doesn’t want to see Kashvi’s face as it reminds him of Mahima’s betrayal. Kashvi feels disheartened hearing that. Kashvi finds torn sari in Aruna’s cupboard and alleges her of murdering her parents.