Woh Toh Hai Albela 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Sayuri Signs Documents


Woh Toh Hai Albela 8th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Chaman Bahar notices family car coming towards them and stops it. Saroj walks out of car and asks what happened. Chaman says their car broke down and asks about Sayuri. Saroj says she is coming in another vehicle with Ammu. Chaman gets Tej out of the car and asks Saroj, Tej, and Nakul to reach the wedding venue after repairing the car or via taxi. She gets into car with Kanha and leaves. She reaches venue and asks Sayuri to call panditji. Sayuri realizes she didn’t call panditji and convinces inspector to act as a pandit.

Daadi Mausi goes to check on Tingu and finds him missing. Tingu attacks her. Chaman insists to call panditji soon. Kanha says he must be on the way and asks her to sign the documents till then. Chaman refuses. Nakul with Saroj and Tej walks in Inspector walks in next disguised as panditji. Nakul identifies him and signals Kanha. Chaman asks Panditji to start the wedding rituals soon. Panditji says there is a rahu kalam going on and if this marriage happens at this time, either groom or bride will die. Chaman says she is ready to wait for a few minutes.

Tingu hostages Daadi and threatens her to inform him about the wedding venue. She refuses. He points a gun at her. She reveals it a wedding hall near temple. He leaves. She tries to free herself. Chaman asks panditji to start pheras right now. Inspector thinks he doesn’t know any mantras and blabbers. Chaman asks him to chant the mantras loudly. Sayuri enters and asks Chaman not to force panditji to perform wedding when its a rahu kalam. Chaman asks her to look at Kanha carefully as she won’t be his wife after some time. Pushkar walks in and asks Chaman to sign the papers or else he will give her offer to some other client. She agrees to sign the papers and asks when can she get the money. He shows a bag and says she will get money immediately after signing the documents. She signs the documents at last. Kanha and Sayuri rejoice.

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Precap: Tingu asks Chaman not to sign any documents as they are all fooling her. Chaman points a gun at Sayuri.