Vivian Dsena reflects on his journey with ‘Udaariyan’


Vivian Dsena reflects on his journey with ‘Udaariyan’

Actor Vivian Dsena recently completed his journey for the popular show ‘Udaariyan,’ produced by Ravie Dubey and Sargun Mehta, in the captivating city of Chandigarh. In the series, Vivian portrayed the character of Sartaj and found the experience to be deeply meaningful, both professionally and personally.

Throughout his time on ‘Udaariyan,’ Vivian poured his heart and soul into perfecting the role of Sartaj, showcasing his exceptional acting skills, and building strong bonds with his fellow cast members. His dedication to his craft was evident, and he cherished the opportunity to work alongside such talented producers as Ravie and Sargun, who left a lasting impression on him. During a recent interview, he expressed his gratitude to them for entrusting him with the role of Sartaj and praised their capabilities as producers, foreseeing a bright future for them in the industry.

Among his co-stars, Vivian shared a special admiration for Twinkle, who played a significant role in the show. He held her in high regard, not only for her acting prowess but also for her genuine and respectful nature. Vivian spoke highly of Twinkle’s character, noting her dedication to her craft and her eagerness to learn and grow as an artist. He believed she possessed the qualities that would lead her to a successful career in acting.

For Vivian, versatility is paramount in his acting journey. He is drawn to diverse roles that challenge him to explore new emotions and facets of his craft on screen continually. The character of Sartaj in ‘Udaariyan’ was an embodiment of this desire. Vivian found Sartaj to be distinct from his previous roles, offering him an opportunity to delve into unexplored dimensions of emotions in his performances.

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What added to Vivian’s connection with the character of Sartaj was their shared sense of humor, particularly their love for sarcasm. This common thread allowed him to relate to the role on a deeper level. However, he humorously expressed a wish to adopt Sartaj’s calm demeanor in his own life.

As Vivian Dsena wraps up his time on ‘Udaariyan,’ he looks back on a gratifying journey filled with meaningful connections, artistic growth, and the pursuit of versatility in his acting career. His dedication to his craft and his openness to embracing new challenges promise an exciting and prosperous path ahead for this talented actor.