Vidisha Srivastava aka Anita Bhabi of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai welcomes a Baby Girl

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Vidisha Srivastava aka Anita Bhabi of Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai welcomes a Baby Girl

Popular actress Vidisha Srivastava, known for her role as Anita Bhabi in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, recently gave birth to a baby girl on July 11. Taking a break from the show on July 1, Vidisha talked about it in a recent interview and shared, “It was an 18-hour-long labor, and I endured excruciating pain. However, it was a normal delivery, and the moment I laid my eyes on my daughter, all the discomfort and pain vanished. Witnessing my daughter in front of me felt like a miracle.”

The couple is currently in the process of choosing a name for their little one. Vidisha revealed, “We have thought of the name Aadya, which symbolizes the divine Goddess Durga. It signifies power and is another name for Lord Shiva.”

For the time being, Vidisha plans to spend quality time with her daughter before resuming work on the show, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai! She stated, “I will be at home for about one-and-a-half months. After that, I will assess the situation and decide when to resume work, although it may not be on a regular basis. I will go whenever I am required.”

Vidisha continued shooting for the show until the final stage of her pregnancy and took a break just 10 days before her delivery. In a recent interview, she expressed her dedication to work, stating, “Work is therapeutic, and I will continue shooting as long as I can. I am actively involved, moving around, interacting with people, and shooting comic scenes. Everyone tells me that the child will be a born actor (laughs!). After a short break of about a month following the delivery, I will return to work as soon as possible. The production house has been extremely accommodating, granting me breaks during the day. I design my outfits in a way that minimizes the visibility of my baby bump. I am excited about embracing motherhood. I am experiencing various changes, both physically and emotionally. I have mood swings, but I am trying to enjoy this phase to the fullest. Although I haven’t become a mother yet, I am certain that holding my baby in my arms will evoke a range of emotions. While my child will be my priority, I am accustomed to balancing my personal and professional life, and I will continue to manage both. I am a superwoman.”

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Vidisha also shared that her pregnancy was unplanned, and her husband was overjoyed when she shared the news with him.