Udaariyaan 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia frames Aasma


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The Episode starts with Raja asking shall I get a rose for you. Alia says yes. He goes. She says how long do I need to tolerate him. Aasma comes and asks why are you tolerating him, just leave, you can’t tolerate me, I m warning you for the last time, stop using Raja in your dirty tricks. Alia says you are my enemy, who snatched my everything, why shall I get scared of you, tell me. She starts acting. She asks what will you do. Aasma says Ekam, I will tell Ekam about your motives, then we will see how long you stay here. Alia asks was this your plan, its little one, I have a better plan. Aasma turns to leave. Alia hurts herself and shouts for help. Aasma asks what are you doing. Everyone runs to see. Aasma stops Alia. Alia says you can’t do this. She shouts you can’t do this with me. She shouts to Raja for help. Raja runs to save Alia. Armaan shouts Aasma. Rano asks Alia to stop the door. Alia makes Aasma fall down. Aasma says you have gone mad. Aasma shouts Armaan.

Armaan breaks the door. Alia makes Aasma catch her neck. Everyone enters the room. Alia falls down. Raja comes and gets angry. He hits a vase at Aasma’s head. Aasma gets hurt. Alia smiles. Armaan holds Aasma. Raja asks Alia are you fine, did Aasma beat you, she is bad. Armaan scolds Raja. Raja says she has beaten my Alia.

Armaan says its not Aasma’s mistake, Alia did this, she is bad. Raja says she didn’t do anything, Aasma has hit Alia. Armaan slaps Raja. Aasma stops Armaan. Armaan says I will not leave Alia. Aasma says for my sake, just stop. Armaan calms down. Aasma says come with me. They leave.

Armaan says you went to talk to Alia, I know Alia well, she can do anything, she has made Raja wrong, you got hurt. Aasma says no, don’t go. She says I didn’t think she will fall to this level, she is very dangerous, that’s why we have to think well, Alia wants to break this family. Armaan cries. Aasma hugs him. Raja says Armaan doesn’t love me because of Aasma. Aasma says we have to save Raja from Alia, we can’t get angry and decide, we are one team. She hugs him. She thinks to keep an eye on Alia. Alia says I told you, no one loves you, no one respects us, is this our value. Armaan and Aasma come to have breakfast. Dadi says Sukhi should have some food. Sukhi throws the glass and says this house has become a jungle. Rano says don’t get angry. He says my BP raises because of you, you go and control your bahus. Rano says don’t know what happened to Aasma. He says you don’t know anything. Aasma comes and hears them arguing. Sukhi angrily pushes Rano. Rano falls down. Sukhi warns her. Aasma worries.

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She rushes to Rano and asks did Sukhi hit you. Rano says no, I came to give medicine to him, I fell down, glass also broke. Aasma says I will apply medicine. She does the aid. Rano says no one had food, you both have done a big drama here, you are elder, you should think of the family peace and joy, take care of Alia, this shouldn’t happen again. Rano goes out. Aasma gets sad. Aasma gets Alia for breakfast.

She says sorry Alia, I m your sister and sister-in-law, its our responsibility to keep peace and joy, I promise this won’t happen again, I m really sorry. Alia says Aasma, I also promise you, I won’t do anything such, I m also sorry, I m your elder sister, but you are elder in relations, its okay if you have pushed me in anger. Sukhi asks shall we have food now. He stares at Rano.

He sits to have food. Aasma says sorry Raja. He says you have hit my Alia, I will never forgive you. She says sorry, I won’t do this again. Armaan gets angry. Raja says no, I m upset. Armaan takes Raja with him. Alia thinks I will make you away from everyone. Raja cries. Armaan asks him to come. Aasma looks on.

The episode ends