Udaariyaan 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma’s haldi function


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The Episode starts with Aasma praying for Armaan. A snake comes towards Armaan and the goon. The snake bites the goon. Armaan fights the other goons. The people also get angry and beat the goons. Armaan hugs Alia. Aasma prays. Armaan ties up the goons and says just come with us and tell the route, else I will kill you all. They go ahead. Aasma comes home. The haldi function begins. Rano asks Timmy did he do the work. He says yes. Aasma gets a bouquet and note from Armaan. She smiles. Minty teases her. Aasma gets Harleen’s call. Harleen asks when are you coming back. Aasma says I wish you were here with me, I m having fun at a marriage function here. Harleen says why do I feel Aasma is hiding something. Ekam asks where did Alia go, who is her friend. Tiger says Alia has a dance competition. Nehmat says I don’t find it right. Ekam says don’t worry, Alia will call us, there might be a network issue.

Armaan and Alia are with the people. He says these men were misbehaving with girls. The man says the route is dangerous now, don’t act smart, just sit in this tanker. Aasma sits for her haldi. Dadi says call Armaan for his haldi. Raja says no, he has fallen sick, he went for a party with his friends. Neetu says he has a hangover. Baby thinks I will go and check. Raja says I will protect Armaan. Rano stops Baby and makes an excuse. Baby thinks Armaan isn’t in his room.

Aasma says bangles come from Mama’s house, ask mum if she has any brother. Deepak says no, Harleen will doubt. She asks who will get bangles for me. Armaan says we won’t go in petrol tank, arrange a bus for us. The man laughs at him. He asks everyone to get ready and come. Armaan asks Alia not to do it, she will feel suffocated. She asks will you go back and marry Aasma, she will never give you divorce. Ashok says I got Aasma’s Chuda, I will become her Mama for a day. Deepak hugs him. Aasma thinks I m happy, everything is getting fine here. Armaan says you are imp to me, we have to be alive if we have to stay together. Alia says we are each other’s strength. She thinks of Ekam. She thinks I will talk to Ekam once. She gets Ekam’s call. Ekam asks where are you, we are missing you. Alia says sorry. Ekam asks where is this competition happening, tell me, I will come to take you. She lies to him. She says I will call you once winning the trophy, love you, bye. Ekam says she is fine. Nehmat prays. Everyone dances in Aasma’s haldi. Aby comes. Aasma says I know you don’t want this marriage to happen, sorry, I can’t tell you anything.

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The man explains the rules to the people and asks them to hide inside the petrol tank. Sukhi asks the police to find Armaan. Rano calls him. She asks did you find him out. Sukhi says no. She asks did we do wrong by forcing him to marry. He says no one should know about it, especially the girl’s family. Rano prays. The man asks everyone to get inside and sit. Deepak and everyone apply the haldi to Aasma. Aasma dances with the girls. Deepak smiles.

Baby says I don’t know if you will trust me or not, Armaan won’t come in this marriage, sit in the mandap like me, no one will come. Armaan and Alia are on the way. Aasma says I can understand your pain, no one can stop this marriage if it has to happen. Neetu stumbles and the water falls over Aasma’s face. She says sorry. Aasma says its okay. Baby thinks you see what I do now. Biji asks Aasma to go and take a bath. A girl says Biji has sent this juice for you. Aasma thanks her and drinks it. Baby smiles. Aasma falls. Baby locks her inside some chest.

The episode ends.