Udaariyaan 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam shows his madness to Nehmat


Udaariyaan 8th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sartaj giving a dress to Nehmat. He asks is it good or very bad. She says its very nice. He asks did you like it. He gets a call. He says if you don’t wear this dress today, then I will think you didn’t forgive me, get ready. She asks him not to get late. He says I m always on time. He goes. Ekam comes and throws that dress away. She asks what are you doing here. He asks why did you do this, I had made the plan with you. She says no, Rupy and Satti will feel bad, if Harleen and Sartaj come, then nobody will doubt, I m with you. Ekam says fine, you go, I won’t come. Nimmo is at Gurudwara. She sits washing utensils. Nehmat calls her. She tells everything. Nimmo asks what, did he say this, what will we do if he doesn’t come. Nehmat says he will come. She recalls Ekam gifting her a dress and asking her to wear it. She asks what will I tell Sartaj, he also got a dress for me. He says you are worrying for a fake relation and not my true love, wear this dress and come, decide who is more imp, Sartaj or me. FB ends. Nehmat asks which dress shall I wear now. Nimmo says you want to give Harleen her rights, be strong, everything will get fine. Harleen surprises Ekam and shows the romantic date setup. She hugs him and says I hope you like it. Sartaj and Nehmat come. He says wow Harleen, what a romantic ambience. Ekam sees Nehmat wearing the dress gifted by Sartaj. Nehmat says wow, Harleen, its amazing. Harleen says thanks for your idea.

Ekam says you didn’t wear the dress I gave you. Nehmat says yes, it had fitting issue. He says you see my passion now, see what I do with Harleen. Naaz and Balbeer come to Ekam’s room. She asks did you get the packet, keep it here. He hides the packet in the book shelf. She says we will keep it in the cupboard, this will make Ekam reach his right place. Ekam tastes the food and scolds Harleen for serving it so hot. Harleen asks him to have water. She says its not my mistake, why did you eat the hot food. Sartaj says yes. Harleen says see Sartaj is in my team. She laughs. Ekam gets angry on her. Nehmat looks on. Ekam argues with Harleen. Nehmat thinks to do something. She drops the food over her dress. She says so sorry, my dress, I will change and come. She leaves. Ekam smiles. Sartaj says who talks to wife like this. Ekam laughs and says I was playing a prank, I m really sorry, you are my wife. Harleen says this was misbehavior. She gets upset. Nehmat says what is Ekam doing.

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She sees Ekam’s room. She says who is here when Ekam and Harleen are outside. Naaz sees her coming. Naaz and Balbeer hide. Nehmat leaves. Sartaj asks Ekam to convince Harleen. Ekam sings and dances on Maaf karo… and apologizes to Harleen. Nehmat comes back. She picks the fallen food. Ekam holds her hand and says you look so good. She says leave my hand, they will see. She stamps his foot. Sartaj turns. Harleen asks what happened. Sartaj jokes. She asks are you fine. Ekam says yes. Sartaj stops Nehmat from eating Chinese. She asks why. He says it has ajinomoto. He thinks how to explain her that she can’t eat this during pregnancy. He says ajinomoto will increase your acidity, I have healthy options for you, here it is. Harleen asks Nehmat to come and have food.

Nehmat says we should play a game and check similarities. Harleen asks the game rules. Nehmat says anyone can ask anything, one has to answer with honesty. Harleen says done. Sartaj says I will ask and you all have to write the answers on the chit, no cheating. He asks who is Ekam’s first love. Ekam looks at Nehmat.

They play the game. Sartaj says Ekam’s duty, next question. Ekam asks Nehmat’s fav colour. He says Harleen said green and Sartaj said pink, sorry, wrong answer, her fav colour is blue. Nehmat says no. Ekam checks her chit and says pink, blue was your fav colour. She says its pink now. She thinks sorry, I can’t encourage you.

Ekam says you have to pay for this, just we both will go out. Nehmat says no, I have to go with Sartaj. He threatens her.