Udaariyaan 8th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Aasma gets a big proof against Ranvijay

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Udaariyaan 8th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma asking what’s this drama. Ranvijay says I m doing this for your family. She scolds him and asks him to help himself. She says you have made Armaan a drama, you have done this crime. Ranvijay says you called Armaan your husband, I m getting funds to help you, Armaan is dead. She slaps him and says Armaan isn’t dead. Armaan is at some hospital. Aasma and Ranvijay argue. He says I got this image by doing charity. She says you did fake charity and fake help to trap these fans. Ekam comes there. He says I told you, I won’t leave you. Aasma says one hurts you physically and other hurts your self esteem and confidence, you are second type of criminal. Ranvijay gets arrested. He says I was doing right for your family. Aasma gets a call from the hospital. She leaves. Nurse says staff is less in emergency. Aasma doesn’t see Armaan. Armaan gets treated. Aasma comes there and holds his hand. He says Aasma…. Aasma looks at him. Doctor says give him the injection fast. She thinks I feel like Armaan took my name. She goes back and checks his file. Armaan is taken away. Simmi talks to some guy. She asks why did we keep Armaan alive. He says I will kill him when the right time comes. She says yes, Armaan and Ranvijay are in our control. She takes Armaan in the car.

The girls tease Meher and laugh. Haniya comes and pushes the girl. The girl cries. Ranvijay comes and looks on. The lady scolds Haniya. Ranvijay gets down the car. He greets the kids. He says I m your fan. The girl asks do you know RV. RV says yes, they are going to get VIP entry in my concert. The girl says we also want to come, please. Aasma comes and says come aside. She scolds him. He says RV can do anything. She tears the passes. He says I didn’t do any mistake. She says I will find a proof against you, you will go to jail. He says right and wrong mean different to everyone. Aasma apologizes to the lady. She takes the kids home. She says Haniya, you should not talk like that. Haniya says they said Meher didn’t have mumma before and now she has no Papa. Meher cries. Aasma says your dad will come back soon. Sukhi gets the missing poster. Aasma says we will fix the posters, then he will come back soon. Rano says we all are with you. Sukhi asks where shall we start. Aasma says Gurudwara. They all hold hands.

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Aasma fixes the posters and prays. RV’s men come and remove Armaan’s posters to put RV’s posters. Aasma removes RV’s posters. RV comes. Aasma says you asked them to remove Armaan’s posters. RV says no. He asks the men to come. They take Armaan’s posters too. He leaves. Aasma sees the posters gone. She shouts stop, Armaan’s posters….. She follows RV’s car. She takes his car keys and gets Armaan’s posters. He says don’t do a drama in my car, get out, don’t come again. She picks a stone and breaks the car window. She takes Armaan’s posters. RV asks how dare you touch my car, are you mad, I will teach you a lesson now. He throws the posters.

Simmi and the guy check the fight video. Ranvijay gets Aasma there. Simmi says we have a plan. Ranvijay locks Aasma in the storeroom. She asks him to open the door. Aasma looks around. Simmi and the guy hide. Aasma gets the phone. She sees the video of Ranvijay and Armaan’s fight. She says I will give the proof to the police. She breaks the window and leaves.

Simmi says this phone isn’t ours, she won’t know who made that video. Aasma collides with Ranvijay. She cries and slaps him. She asks why did you do it. Ranvijay asks Ekam to see. He asks Ekam to arrest Aasma, she has broken car and house window. He says I have proof, I will send cctv footage, she is a thief or she might have come to kill me. Aasma gets arrested.

The episode ends