Udaariyaan 6th September 2023 Written Episode Update


Udaariyaan 6th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Aasman is doing the mehendi rituals while thinking about Armaan’s words! Alia sobs in her room alone while Armaan calls her and asks her to grab her passport, pack her bag and come down. Aasmaan decides to talk to Armaan once so that he doesn’t create any trouble. Alia comes down and asks Armaan where they are going. Armaan shows her Dubai’s tickets. Armaan asks Alia to leave with him now and he’ll explain things to her later. Someone throws a stone with a note in it in Aasman’s room.

Someone tells Aasman that Armaan is cheating with her and she must call off the wedding if she doesn’t want to cry all her life. Aasman somehow comes out of the house to meet the lady who threw the note but misses the woman. Alia informs Tiger that she has gone out for a trip and asks him to handle the situation. Armaan says that they are about to cross dangerous roads to reach Canada via Dubai. Aasman and Armaan bump into each other and Aasman drops her purse. Alia keeps Aasman’s purse for use later. Apparently it was the baby who threw the note.

Sukhi asks Rano to not call Armaan down. Sukhi asks Hobby to see if Armaan leaves this house only on his wedding horse. Armaan and Alia reach the donker’s place in Dubai. Alia wishes no one gets to know about their plan and feels worried. They decide to remain strong amidst all adversaries. Aasman asks Beeji to let her speak to Armaan once before the marriage and promises that she wouldn’t do anything to harm her reputation. Armaan asks the donkers when they reach Brazil from Dubai now. A man comes in and tries to touch Alia but Armaan stops him. These men seem like frauds who decide among themselves to send them back from halfway. They ask everyone to leave now. Both Alia and Armaan think if they have taken the wrong route! The donker’s inform them that they would have to cross dangerous roads.

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Beeji reaches Armaan’s house with Aasman. She tells Rano that Aasman wants to talk to Armaan once. Rano asks for some time to decide. Rano enters Armaan’s room to call him but finds out that he isn’t in his room. She sees a rope hanging from his window and realises that Armaan has left the house. Sukhi also sees it. Aasmaan wonders if Armaan would agree to talk to her at all!

Sukhi screams in anger and says that nobody can save Armaan today. Sukhi calls Armaan and asks where he is. Armaan says that he has gone for his bachelor party with his friends. Sukhi asks him to come back right now. Sukhi asks Rano that Aasmaan’s family must not know that Armaan is not at home. The episode ends.

Episode ends.