Udaariyaan 5th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Sukhi threatens Alia


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The Episode starts with Sukhi asking Bobby to keep an eye on Armaan. Armaan gets Alia’s call. Alia asks what did Aasma say. He says I m getting a call. Alia worries and eats a lot of food. Nehmat looks on and worries. Preeto calls Armaan and says I regret to say this, we couldn’t arrange a car for you. Armaan says we don’t want a car, its okay. Preeto says he refused for the car, he said he doesn’t want anything. Biji smiles.

Aasma recalls her promise. Armaan says everyone is keeping an eye on me, if anyone tells you anything then I can’t tolerate. Alia says I can’t tolerate this tension, what does Aasma want, I will try to find out. Minty comes to Aasma. She says so much happened, you said yes to Biji, how. Aasma says I don’t know what Armaan will do. She takes Aasma for mehendi. Armaan sits for the mehendi. Raja says I will make the round. Aasma comes for mehendi. The girls dance. Raja asks shall I write B for Banto. Armaan says yes, no one should see it.

Tannu says Armaan has sent this mehendi. Aasma thinks. Rano sees B written and asks Raja what did you write, A for Aasma. She writes A. Raja says A for Alia. Armaan hugs him. Alia comes to meet Aasma. Alia wishes Aasma and says you don’t look happy. Aasma says one has to get happy. Alia says I see, you would be in tension to marry a stranger from the enemy clan. Aasma says every girl has tension before marriage. Alia says no. They have a talk. Aasma says I accept this decision. Alia says sorry, how will you keep the relation without love. Aasma says it’s a duty, I will keep this relation, I won’t step back from this marriage. Alia asks will you keep the relation even if you both don’t get along well. Aasma says yes, Biji said relation is forever. Alia asks won’t you break it if you don’t stay happy. Aasma says I can’t hurt the families, I will keep this marriage. Alia says if he cheats you, if he lies to you then… Aasma recalls Armaan’s words. She says he may do that, its his habit, but I have decided it, so these questions don’t matter to me. Alia cries and hurts her hand. She goes crying. She runs to some field and recalls Armaan and her moments.

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Raja comes to Armaan and says I saw Banto, her hand was bleeding, she wants to meet you. Armaan runs to see Alia. He sees Alia’s wound. Alia says I came to stop you, refuse for this marriage. He asks did you go mad, you asked me to marry, engagement, haldi and mehendi are done. She says I can’t stay without you, stop this marriage, please. He says dad will doubt you if I refuse, don’t worry, Aasma hates me a lot, she will run away in a few days, I promise you, I will go to Canada and divorce her, then we will marry. Alia says no, she will never leave you, she has believe in marriage, like we believe in love, try to understand, break this relation. He says I love you a lot, no one will come in my life, I will leave her, trust me. Sukhi shoots in the air. Alia hugs Armaan. He scolds Armaan and Alia.

He says I will end this cheap love story today. Armaan stops him and says shoot me, let Alia go. Sukhi says yes, I will leave her, ask her to leave you, I will spare her life if you marry Aasma. Alia says no, I won’t leave Armaan. She asks Armaan to refuse for marriage. Armaan says I will marry Aasma, leave Alia. He asks Alia to go. Alia says I won’t go. Sukhi points gun at Armaan. He asks Alia to get lost. Alia leaves. Sukhi scolds Armaan. He asks the men to take Armaan. Alia cries.

The episode ends.