Udaariyaan 5th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Alia part ways


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The Episode starts with Armaan running after Aasma. Alia tries to stop him. He apologizes to Aasma. Aasma asks him to stop it. She says mistake happens once, not again and again, you got married to me, you kept the relation with a stranger, don’t tell me that she was your love, it can’t be your love, your relations got meaningless when you married me, I have no duty towards you now, you have no right on me, just go away, please, I was proud to be married to you, now I m ashamed, I have signed the divorce papers, you also sign it, you both stay together, make me free. She goes. He cries. Alia comes and asks what happened, you don’t listen to her, she had to know our truth, she has lied, I didn’t do anything wrong, she wanted me to fall in your sight, she lied that she is pregnant.

She says how could I tolerate that, please Armaan, forget everything, she has blamed me, I didn’t do anything wrong, you remember that we have tolerated a lot and seen bad days to reach Canada. She hugs him. She says you remember our promises, I want to tell you the reason, why Canada is imp for me, you will forget everything, promise, come with me, please.

Aasma hugs Harleen. Harleen says so I asked you not to go to India, but I m mad, right, I don’t understand, nobody called me, its Deepak’s mistake. Aasma says no, its not dad’s mistake, but of those cheaters, I m done, Armaan and his GF did wrong. Harleen says don’t worry, I will fix everything. Aasma says I m sorry, I have to go back. Harleen asks what, you want to go back. Aasma says please understand, dad needs me. Harleen asks don’t I need you. Aasma says just bless me, I become strong, I need your courage. Harleen says sure, you are Harleen Dhillon’s daughter, don’t forget. They hug.

Aasma leaves the house. Alia gets Armaan to Harleen’s house. She says this was my dream, I wanted to meet my mum, I was separated from her in childhood, I m very happy, we finally reached, come in. Armaan says just you will go there, not me, our paths are different from now. She asks what are you saying, what do you mean, what do you think, I won’t make you meet my life partner. He asks what, you have ashamed me, I thought to tell the truth to Aasma, your love had made me weak, it got too late, she got to know it now, I have realized that the Alia I love, you aren’t the one. She asks what are you saying, I love you. He says you love me, no, you never loved me, you fell in your madness, how can you do this with Aasma, Aasma could have died because of you, you tried to kill her baby, her dad could have died, I can’t do this, love isn’t that you do, love is what Aasma does, you are so selfish, you just think of yourself. She says I can’t live without you. He pushes her away and goes. Alia sits crying. Harleen comes out of the door and sees Alia. Alia runs to her and hugs.

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Aasma goes to a Gurudwara. Armaan looks for her. He calls Deepak. Deepak is sleeping. Armaan says no, I can’t call Deepak, what can I tell him. Alia says your daughter Alia has come to meet you, aren’t you happy, Nehmat had separated us, I m here today, you were also waiting for me, right. Harleen turns away. Alia sees Aasma and Deepak’s pics. Alia asks why are Aasma’s pics here. Harleen says because its Aasma’s house, my daughter is Aasma, not you. Alia is shocked. Harleen says Ekam and my daughter, Aasma, but Ekam doesn’t know this, you aren’t my daughter, you are Ekam and Nehmat’s daughter, I don’t love you, I wanted to prove to Ekam and Nehmat that I m a better mother than Nehmat, I proved it, I wanted to take revenge, my revenge got completed, their daughter is such, liar, cunning and cheater, you lost your love, you have nothing now, Aasma spreads happiness and love, everyone loves her, and you… when your parents know this, they will hate you. Alia cries and says Maa… Harleen shouts I m not your Maa. Alia says no…

Armaan sees the Gurudwara and comes there. Aasma thinks why do I feel bad, Armaan has cheated me, why do I think of him, why do I think of his good deeds. Armaan prays to find Aasma and apologize to her. They pray. She leaves.

The episode ends.