Udaariyaan 5th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia marries Raja


Udaariyaan 5th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma praying. Sukhi says Armaan wants to register this marriage, its destruction for us. Neetu says he is answering Alia’s cleverness well. Armaan hugs Aasma. He says always stand by me, I have no fear when you are with me. She says I m always with you, I won’t let anything happen to our family. They smile. Rano says Alia had troubled Armaan and Aasma a lot. Its morning, Armaan, Aasma and Raja come to the marriage registrar office. Peon says Raja and Alia are called inside. Armaan says Alia won’t come, she has disappeared, she doesn’t care for Raja, she has no courage to tell this at home. Aasma says I m glad. Raja asks where is Alia. Aasma says Armaan has to talk something. He asks will Alia come. Armaan says this marriage…. Alia comes and says Raja… Raja says she is my wife. He asks her to come. Armaan says sorry, I forgot you reach anywhere to do a drama. Alia says sorry Armaan, I don’t know what’s in my fate, I m just moving on, maybe I got this chance to repent for my sins. Raja asks her to come. He compliments her. They sign the papers and exchange garlands. Armaan gets angry. The man congratulates them and gives them sweets.

They all come home. Raja dances on dhol. He asks everyone to dance. Everyone is shocked. Aasma asks what did you do, you made her bahu officially and got her home. He says I didn’t know this. She says she knew this, we have no idea what game she will play with us. Raja makes Alia wear the mangalsutra. Rano does tilak to them. Aasma says we have to find a solution. Armaan goes.

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Aasma gets a call. She is shocked. She goes somewhere and asks who is here. Alia comes and laughs. She says Aasma, my dear sister, I always think I m smart, you are smarter than me, you understood everything, Armaan did what I thought, I can’t give you my Armaan, he is just mine, I forgot about Raja, he is a pawn to get Armaan, then his role will end, everything is fair in love and war, a person can’t live without love, the day Armaan becomes mine, Raja’s role will end, you will get ousted. Aasma asks how dare you use Raja. Alia says relax, don’t use your small mind, when you love something a lot, then the entire universe helps you get it, did you hear about universal manifestation, no, okay, you heard about me, right, I make my path on my own, I had decided in the jail to take revenge on you one day, I have to get Armaan at any cost, I knew how to do this, I started that in jail, do you want to hear it, its an interesting story, your statement proved Kabir was a criminal and I killed him in self defence, they have sent me in Prisoner welfare program, so that I can learn new things, I learnt a lot, Ekam told me that you are sending Raja to rehab centre, I understood what to do.

The episode ends