Udaariyaan 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update: Harleen gets stubborn


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The Episode starts with Nehmat saying Alia…. Nurse asks her to take rest. She takes the baby. Ekam sees the baby. He asks the nurse can I take the baby once. She gives him. Harleen asks the nurse to take the baby to NICU. They meet the doctor. She asks can I become a mother through surrogacy. Doctor says yes, we have to do your tests now. Harleen says we will do it later, we will go home, I m not feeling well. Ekam says we will come later, thanks. Nehmat takes care of her baby. . Ekam gives the prasad to the nurse for Nehmat. Harleen thinks what’s this connection between Ekam and Nehmat, I will not let them unite.

Harleen says we will go home, I have a headache. They leave. Nehmat sings a rhyme for Alia. She imagines Alia getting the love of the entire family and Ekam. Ekam says I got complete because of you, my Alia. Nehmat kisses the baby. She says don’t know you will meet your dad or not. Sartaj gets the prasad and says some nice man has sent this for you and your baby. Nehmat eats it. Nurse asks can I take the baby now. Nehmat gives the baby. Sartaj says it’s a matter of some time, we will go home tomorrow, then Alia will be with you. Nehmat says thanks for suggesting this beautiful name. Sartaj thinks of Ekam’s words. He says yes, it’s a beautiful name. He thinks her dad kept this name. Harleen calls Jasmin and says Nehmat gave birth to Ekam and her daughter. Jasmin asks what are you saying. Ekam comes. Harleen disconnects the call. He asks what happened, why are you worried, we should be worried, finally, what we wanted is going to happen.

Nurse says the baby’s condition is getting worse. Nehmat says no. Sartaj asks what happened to her. Doctor says the oxygen supply got less, baby isn’t recovering. Nehmat shouts and rushes. Sartaj asks her to calm down. Doctor says nothing will happen. Ekam says I know you are worried, you should be happy, I will order food. Sartaj says nothing will happen to her. Nehmat says I don’t trust anyone, I want to meet my daughter. She cries.

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Present Day, Nehmat shouts and wakes up. She cries. Sartaj comes. He asks why are you doing this to yourself. Nehmat says its 6 years, I m still there, I can’t forget that. He says go and give your love to the world, go to summer camp, teach them magical things, find a reason to smile, I have sent all the things, get up now. She asks how long will you handle me. He says until you stumble.

He does shayari. She smiles and says wah wah…. He says try to understand my feelings sometimes. She says okay. She teases him. He says jealous again. She says you are coming to drop me, right. He jokes. Harleen says Alia just needs our love and care. Ekam asks how will she fight the world. She says you are there to protect her.

Alia and Tiger pack their bags. Ekam asks where are you going. Alia says I m leaving the house, no one is listening to me. Ekam says fine, mummy made jalebis. The kids stop. Ekam says its my fav. He shows the jalebis. They eat the jalebis. Alia says I don’t want to have it, I m thinking to take one. Harleen thinks no summer camp now. She goes.

Ekam asks what’s the plan. Alia says I have to leave the house, if you convince mum, then plan cancel. Ekam says lets do it. She says we will eat jalebis first. Cherry asks Harleen not to worry. Harleen says I don’t want to send Alia. Renuka says we can’t keep the kids tied to us, I know you love Alia a lot, this love can become a problem for her. Harleen says she is young now, I can’t send her.

Alia and Tiger try to convince Harleen. Ekam hides. Harleen sees Ekam and gets angry. Alia says please let me go. Harleen says no. Ekam says don’t worry, plan no. 4. The kids request Harleen.

Ekam and Harleen drop Alia at the camp. Nehmat sees the same mark on Alia’s hand.