Udaariyaan 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma brings Alia home


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The Episode starts with Raja asking Alia why is she crying. Alia says this marriage can’t happen. She shouts. She throws things in anger. Dadi stops her. Pandit says its good you stopped her, this marriage happened by Matarani’s wish. The lady says yes, they got married, they are husband and wife, see what to do next. Rano says Raja has made a big mistake. Neetu says its not a small thing. Raja asks Alia why are you doing this. Alia says leave me, get away, why did you do this.

She cries and runs away. Raja asks her to stop. Armaan and Aasma run after Raja. They stop Raja. Raja says I want to go to Alia, leave me. Armaan slaps him in anger. Raja falls down. Aasma says we will go home and talk. Armaan says Alia has gone home, you are a kid, come home. Raja says no, I have grown up. Armaan says come, we will go home. Raja says I want to go to Alia. Armaan takes him. Raja cries. Aasma thinks to ask Raja when did he get close to Alia, did he fill sindoor on own or on Alia’s saying. Alia comes home. Ekam sees her and asks what’s this sindoor, tell me. Alia sits down. Nehmat and Rupy come. They ask what happened.

Alia says Raja has filled sindoor in my maang. They get shocked. Aasma asks Sukhi to go to Ekam and say sorry. Sukhi says yes. They look for Raja. They see Raja on the rooftop. Raja cries for Alia and says let Alia, call her, I don’t know anything, I will jump down and give my life. Armaan runs upstairs. Aasma says listen to me once. Armaan says listen to me, we will go and meet Alia. Raja says promise me, get Alia here. Armaan says okay, we are going. Aasma says we have no other option, try to understand. He says she is doing this intentionally. She says I know. He asks do you want her to come here. She says Raja, get down the railing, else I won’t go. He says first get Alia, I will jump down. Aasma, Rano and Armaan go to Ekam’s house. Rano begs Ekam to give Raja’s happiness to her. She cries. Armaan asks her to get up. She asks Ekam to save Raja. Aasma says Raja has no idea what he did. Rupy says I don’t believe this marriage, everyone knows his mental state isn’t right. Nehmat says sindoor has much value, its not meaningless. Aasma says I understand, if Alia doesn’t go now then we can’t save Raja, I m sorry, please send Alia, we will send her back, its imp to save Raja.

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Ekam says I can’t do anything, its Alia’s decision. Aasma begs Alia to save Raja’s life. They bring Alia home. Raja smiles seeing Alia. Aasma asks Alia to come. She asks Raja to get down. She asks Alia to ask him to come down. Alia asks Raja to come down. Raja says I m coming, Alia.

He comes down and hugs Alia. He says you look so pretty, this is your house, no one will tell anything to my wife. Aasma asks Raja to take Alia inside the house. Aasma and Rano prepare to welcome Alia home. Aasma thinks Alia is a curse for us, even then I m getting her home, please save my house from her cheap thinking. She goes Alia’s aarti. The men play dhol. Raja dances. Alia and Raja enter the house. He makes her dance. He asks Sukhi and everyone to dance.

He asks Alia to take blessings from everyone. Dadi and everyone bless Raja and Alia. Aasma thinks Alia has planned this well, I will try hard to save this house.

The episode ends.