Udaariyaan 31st October 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma shocks Alia


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The Episode starts with Aasma coming to the kitchen. Armaan says I came to take juice for your dad, the glass broke, so Alia was helping me. She says its okay, we will clean it. He goes. Aasma says you were telling him about my pregnancy. Alia says no. Aasma says I will tell everyone once the reports come, I will clean this. Kabir says I m okay if Alia has no problem. Ekam says we will talk to Alia once. Aasma asks what’s the hurry, Kabir’s parents aren’t here and they didn’t meet Alia, Kabir said his parents aren’t able to come here because of some work, they should meet Alia once, I have an idea, we can send Alia to Canada, once she reaches there, she will meet them, his parents will say yes, then we can get the marriage done well. Sukhi thinks what happened to her. Aasma says Armaan and I are going to Canada, Alia can come with us if she wants. Ekam and Nehmat like Aasma’s suggestion.

Aasma asks Sukhi what happened. Sukhi says yes, you take care of everyone, always stay happy. She goes. He says how shall I stop Alia from coming here. Alia calls Armaan. She says Aasma wants to take me to Canada. Aasma hugs her family members. They leave. Aasma disconnects the call and asks Armaan to rest. Alia looks on and says I will find out yesterday, what reports come. Its morning, everyone asks why did Aasma call us here. Aasma says we planned this to keep Armaan at home. Kabir says Aasma is amazing, Armaan is making me jealous.

She says we will play truth and dare. Neetu asks what. Raja says we spin the bottle. Sukhi and Rano get seated. Aasma explains the game. Alia asks Aasma what’s your limit to tolerate lie, if anyone cheats you, can you cross your limits. Aasma says heart decides the limits, if you have much love, then the limit increases to tolerate lies and to wait to hear the truth. Kabir says nice answer. Kabir asks Aasma to ask Armaan the question.

Aasma says if you have to choose between lie and truth, then what will you choose. Armaan says I will choose what is in front of me. She says its not the answer, people get confused between truth and lie. Kabir says end this now. Armaan says nothing, I will just tell the truth, you have to wait for it. Aasma says it may get late, self respect gets hurt while waiting. He says punishment and forgiveness heal every wound. Alia gets angry and asks what timepass are you doing, I mean, lets proceed with the game, let my turn come. Kabir’s turn comes. He asks them to give him any dare. Alia asks him to get a flower from the garden. He goes and gets it. Aasma says you did cheating, you go to the garden and get it, I hate lies. Kabir says chill, I will get it. Armaan thinks I can’t tell you, once your dad’s surgery gets done, I will tell you. He gets Deepak’s call and says I have imp work. He goes. Alia says I have a parlor appointment, I got late, sorry and thanks. She goes.

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She meets the doctor and asks for Aasma’s pregnancy report. She lies to the doctor. She gets the reports. She is shocked seeing the positive results. Doctor says congratulate your friend, she is pregnant. She falls and gets hurt. She scolds the people. She says how can Armaan do this. Aasma comes there. She thinks I got late. Armaan is also in the hospital. He speaks to Deepak’s doctor. Deepak’s doctor asks him to inform the family members. Armaan asks Doctor to make Deepak fine. He prays for Deepak. Alia calls Armaan. Aasma takes the call and asks what are you saying. Alia says its Armaan’s phone, right. Aasma says our phones are identical, it got switched. She sees Alia and comes to her. Alia lies to her.

Aasma taunts her about losing character. Alia asks what are you saying. Aasma says I m reading what’s written behind you. Alia says fine, I have some work. Aasma says come home with me, I need your help. She comes home. She says I have a big news to announce, it’s a big surprise. Raja asks is a party happening. Aasma says yes, grand party. She asks Alia to help her. Alia says Kabir called me to meet, sorry, I will come in evening. She goes. Sukhi says I m glad seeing you happy, Aasma, make Armaan and your relation strong, you have to forget the mistakes and move on. Rano also advises. Sukhi says I m excited for the party, where did Armaan go. Deepak says Armaan, I don’t care if anything happens to me, I know you will take care of Aasma well. Armaan says I won’t let anything happen to you. Deepak says I m lucky to have you. Alia gets angry and says Aasma has Armaan’s phone. She calls on Aasma’s number and yells. Aasma answers and says I got my phone back from Armaan. Alia says its okay, I will meet you in the evening. She ends call and says I have to do something before the evening. She gets angry and calls someone.

The episode ends.