Udaariyaan 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Raja fills sindoor in Alia’s maang


Udaariyaan 2nd December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aasma asking who is Raja talking to. Armaan asks which girl, maybe she is some friend, you just look at me. Aasma thinks Raja has changed because of that girl. Armaan asks shall we go on a drive. She says I have to prepare for puja at home, you have to go to garage, just come. They leave. Dada ji says Aasma will get a child soon. Rano asks Kannu and Mannu to come fast. Aasma and Armaan come. Aasma collides with Rano. The sindoor plate falls. Aasma says sorry. Rano says it’s a bad omen, this house needs a child, we were going to pray at the temple, just you both can give us a heir, Raja won’t get married, I m worried for him. Armaan says we are there to look after him. Rano asks will you both take care of him, promise me. They promise Rano. Armaan says Raja is my life. Aasma says yes, Matarani is the witness of this promise. He asks Rano to get happy. Rano says all suhaagans are coming to pray today, I want you both to get blessings, so that Aasma gets a child soon. Aasma gets shy and goes. Armaan goes after her. Rano prays. Armaan holds Aasma’s hand and pulls her close.

They have a romantic moment. Rano calls him out. She shows him card payment details. Aasma asks does Raja have your card. Rano says he was asking money. He says maybe he lost the card, why would he do shopping. Aasma says I will go and pick him, you get everyone to the temple. She leaves.

Aasma comes to the centre. The guard says he left in the morning. The man says you are his Bhabhi, right, he left with his friend, they have good friendship, she takes good care of him, didn’t he tell you, I heard they are going to the temple. Aasma thinks did he go to the same temple. Raja and that girl come to the temple. He says I like you a lot. Aasma comes to the temple. Aasma and everyone look on. Raja takes some sindoor and fills that girl’s maang. Everyone is shocked seeing Alia.

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Neetu asks what did you do, you filled sindoor in Alia’s maang. The lady says the marriage happened. Armaan asks Raja did you get mad. Raja says mummy, your bahu is so pretty, she is my wife, bless her. Armaan asks what are you doing, its wrong. Raja says no, you have married Aasma, same way, Alia has become my wife. Alia runs outside and sits crying near some mandap. Aasma follows. Alia says no, this can’t happen, this marriage can’t happen.

Aasma says stop your nonsense. She recalls talking to Alia. She says I will save you, but you have done a crime, you have told a fake story and blamed Armaan and me, I will never forgive you, always remember one thing, if you see my family, then I will not leave you, I will forget that you are my sister. FB ends. She says I asked you not to get close to my family, how dare you target Raja.

Alia asks do you have any idea what happened with me inside the jail, I had no idea this would happen, why would I do this. Aasma asks do you think I m a fool, I won’t believe you, you think Raja will do this, he is a kid, he has no sense, its your plan, why. Alia asks her to just shut up. She says I didn’t do anything, I don’t want to live. She slaps herself and cries. She asks why would I do this, I know about Raja. Aasma thinks is this Alia’s conspiracy.

The episode ends.