Udaariyaan 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Jasmin tells the truth to Harleen


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The Episode starts with Harleen asking Ekam to throw out Nehmat. Ekam asks her to calm down, stress isn’t good for her. Harleen says she is living in our house, that’s the stress for me, no one is making her leave, by what right is she staying here. Cherry says Nehmat should ask your rights. Harleen asks what. Renuka says she means Nehmat has taken care of Alia, let her stay here for Alia. Harleen thinks Cherry didn’t mean that, there is something. She goes. Ekam hugs Nehmat. They cry. Nehmat says Cherry, we have to talk to doctor before telling the truth to Harleen. Harleen calls Jasmin and says just she can tell me the truth. Alia says Nani wanted to kill Nehmat, then dad had sent her to jail. Harleen is shocked. She goes to meet Jasmin in the jail. Jasmin says I m very happy to see you. Harleen says I didn’t remember anything, how did this happen with you. Jasmin says Nehmat framed me for failing the car brakes, she had failed your car brakes, she angered me and I reached her home to kill her, after you left, Nehmat and Ekam got married, didn’t anyone tell you. Harleen asks what, they have hidden a big thing from me. Jasmin says yes, she used Alia and married Ekam, don’t worry, I will make everything fine, you have come back, see what I do with her. Harleen says I will ruin my enemies, I will not leave Nehmat, I will become your daughter and show you. Jasmin smiles.

Nehmat packs her bag. Ekam stops her. She says let me go, Harleen has gone to Gurudwara, let me go. Ekam says no, I won’t let you go. Nehmat says we can’t ruin Harleen’s life. He asks what about Alia, how will she live without you, I can’t live without you. She says you think I can stay without Alia and you, no. They hug. Harleen comes home and sees them. Nehmat says please support me. Harleen goes and slaps Nehmat.

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She drags Nehmat. Ekam stops her. Harleen says I will not tolerate this, what were you doing with Ekam, you both were hugging. Nehmat says enough Harleen, you aren’t okay. Ekam says I will call the doctor. Harleen asks why, am I not looking fine, you want to call the doctor and say I have gone mad, you want to send me to mental asylum and have a good life. She asks her to leave. She takes a vase to hit her. Alia and Tiger come. Alia asks were you hitting Mam, you have become bad like Nani. Harleen drops the vase. She cries. Harleen says you are my life. Alia hugs Nehmat. Cherry asks Harleen to calm down. Harleen asks what will you do if this happens with you. She says I m fighting to get my husband and child. Cherry says you are right. Harleen hugs her and says I will take the family on my side. Sandhus talk about Nehmat and Harleen. Swaroop says the same thing is happening again, Harleen is Jasmin’s daughter, she had stolen Nehmat’s daughter, her madness for Alia can make her do anything. Satti says Renuka isn’t answering. Rupy gets Harleen’s call. He asks what, but why. Renuka and Nehmat look on and say we don’t know about this puja preparations. Sandhus come. Harleen comes with Alia. Cherry asks why did you come in bridal wear. Alia says Maa and dadda will remarry today. Everyone is shocked.

The episode ends.