Udaariyaan 29th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Aasma’s marriage gets fixed


Udaariyaan 29th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Preeto saying I know you are doing this to unite the families. Aasma says no, I want to do this. Minty says you wanted to have a love marriage. Aasma says Biji can’t do wrong for me. Silky looks on. Aasma says trust me, I m happy, don’t worry. Silky says Sukhi’s son is the one who came home that day, right. Her husband says yes. She jokes. Deepak and family go to Sukhi’s house. Baby sees Deepak and gets angry. She says nobody cares for me, I wish Armaan refuses for this marriage. Ashok says call Armaan. Armaan goes to meet Alia. He asks what do you want. She says marry Aasma. He says don’t get stubborn.

She faints. He gets worried and asks what happened. He sees the wound on her hand. Rano says Armaan isn’t in his room, go and find him. Uncle goes. Sukhi waits for Armaan. Neetu says don’t worry, he will come. Armaan does the aid to Alia’s hand. He says Aasma thinks I m Timmy, she won’t agree to marry me. Alia says she is from Canada, she has said yes, don’t worry, you are just mine, I will do all the rituals with you, think it’s a drama and do it. Sukhi asks when will Armaan come. Rano says he is getting ready. Armaan asks Alia to have food. Alia says no, I will have it when you agree to have food. He gets Rano’s call. He says please have food. Alia says no. Neetu says Armaan isn’t at Jaggi’s place. Baby says its good Armaan has run away. Tannu and Mannu come to ask about Armaan. Sukhi calls Armaan.

Armaan says I will come. He leaves from the window. Sukhi thinks to go and see. Raja, Tannu and Mannu dance. Neetu asks did you get Aasma’s pic, Armaan didn’t see her till now. Preeto gives the pic. The pic falls. Raja sees her. He says she isn’t Banto, she is someone else. He shouts. He asks everyone to leave, Armaan won’t come to marry, marriage won’t happen. Silky asks why is he saying like that. Sukhi asks Raja to calm down. Armaan comes home and hugs Raja. He says calm down. He takes Raja to the room.

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He consoles Raja. Sukhi and Rano look on and smile. Dadi says Armaan handles Raja, sorry for this. Rano asks who is Banto. Armaan says nothing. She asks where did you go, get ready and come, everyone is waiting. Preeto asks is Raja fine. Sukhi says yes. Rano says Raja was scared, he thought Armaan might leave him and go to Canada, the girl has to get married and stay here. Deepak asks what do you mean, Aasma is studying there. Biji says she will stay here, don’t worry.

Aasma thinks what will I tell mumma, I m marrying a person I didn’t meet till now. Armaan sits for the rasam. Alia and Aasma are sad. Rano says we will come for roka tomorrow. Armaan goes to Raja and says I will marry Banto, I agreed for her sake. He calls Alia and says I got the tilak shagun, you have food now. Alia sits and eats. She says I will eat the food. She ends call. He says I know you can’t tolerate this. Alia cries.

He calls her back. She says I went to get a chocolate for you. He says Aasma doesn’t know about me, she will see my pic and refuse. Alia thinks no, I won’t let this happen. She says I m happy, I have to go to Canada with you. He says she won’t say yes. She says I have to change pic, he will marry and then I will go with him. She calls Harleen and says I m happy, I m coming to Canada. Armaan runs on the road and thinks of Aasma. Rano says I wish Armaan likes Aasma. Neetu asks does she know Armaan has failed in 10th class, Silky said Aasma is much educated. Armaan hears this and says I want Aasma rejects me. He says I m preparing for my roka with Alia. He prepares a shagun plate. Alia and Aasma cry. Armaan says me and my love are enough for Alia.
The episode ends