Udaariyaan 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat raises hand on Ekam

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Udaariyaan 28th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Nehmat crying and thinking of Ekam. She says I know, he is thinking of me even today, but we should move on in life, if he has to move on, then I have to become strong. Ekam drinks more. He thinks I can’t move on Nehmat. She collides with someone. The man holds her. Ekam looks on. The man asks is it okay. Ekam gets angry and asks will you touch Nehmat, I will kill you. Nehmat and Advait ask Ekam to leave the man. The man says I was going and collided. Nehmat says yes. Advait says I understand. Ekam says you don’t care, but I do care. He catches the man. Advait says leave him. Ekam falls down. Advait asks what do you mean. Ekam says you don’t care if anyone touches your wife and looks at her badly, then don’t you care. Advait says I trust my wife, she said he didn’t do it intentionally. Ekam says you don’t care for her, do you trust her. Advait asks do you care, this way by making an issue, she is my wife. Satti asks Lovely to pack the things. She says I have to talk to Nehmat. Rupy says Harleen wanted to come, why didn’t she come. Lovely says maybe Jasmin stopped her. Satti says she is our granddaughter, I want to pamper her. He says my wounds got fresh seeing her, she has come to hurt Nehmat, she is Jasmin’s daughter, she came there with Ekam, it can’t be a coincidence. Ekam argues with Advait. He says everyone knows how much you respect girls. Advait gets angry. He says my wife can protect herself. Ekam says yes, ask why, because you have no time from enjoying with other woman. Advait says I don’t follow others’ wives like you. Nehmat stops him. She goes to slap Ekam. Harleen holds her hand and stops her.

Harleen says I have no right to interfere, but you have no right to slap him. She asks Ekam to come. Ekam sees Nehmat and cries. Naaz asks what did you think, will you help me in teaching a lesson to the enemy, you had given up, learn from Ekam, how he has given the control to Nehmat, Nehmat and Advait have nothing between them, you can fit between them. Mallika asks did you get mad, Nehmat is pregnant. Naaz laughs and says you don’t think of that. Mallika says no use to talk. Naaz says Advait likes you, shall I show you the proof. She shows the pics. She says you gave all these gifts to Advait, he misses you, he kisses these gifts, you are in your heart. Mallika cries and recalls Advait. Naaz smiles. Mallika says fine, tell me, what shall I do. Naaz thinks she got trapped. Harleen and Ekam are on the way.

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Ekam says I m sorry, I can’t control myself on seeing Nehmat. Nikhil asks Advait and Nehmat how was the dinner date. Nehmat says it was nice, we really enjoyed it. Rama smiles. Neeru says Advait is changing now. Shamsher says this is better for him, he should understand that Nehmat is his wife. Advait says I m sorry Nehmat, dinner got spoiled. Nehmat says no, thanks for handling the situation. He says I controlled my anger. She goes to change. He says Ekam shouldn’t come in front of Nehmat again and again, I have to do something, but… Harleen… she was with Ekam, did Jazz send her. Harleen says we reached your home. Ekam gets down the car. He says sorry. She leaves. She gets Advait’s call. She thinks why is he calling. Ekam stumbles in drunken state. Renuka looks at him. He falls down. He says sorry mom. She scolds him. She goes and gets a gun. She says you want Nehmat, fine, I will end my life, we don’t exist for you. He says please leave the gun. She says I live in fear every day, no, I will end my life. He asks her to stop. She says I want you to forget Nehmat and move on. She threatens of dying. Ekam cries. Advait asks what, Jazz has sent you to break my marriage. Harleen says yes, that’s my mom, she got you married to me for a Canadian PR, I don’t know her motives now. Nehmat says where did Advait go. She sees him at the gate. She says who is he talking to.

Nehmat goes out to see. Harleen asks do you think I m foolish, I m not interested in you, I m interested only in Ekam. Nehmat tries to see. Harleen says I love Ekam like anything, I never want Nehmat to come back in Ekam’s life, please don’t tell this to anyone, else Nehmat will become your illegal wife and I will become your legal wife, I don’t want that, I m sure you also don’t want this. Nehmat is shocked.

Renuka says promise me, you won’t remember Nehmat. Ekam promises. Nehmat checks Naaz’s phone and says I saw this folder before, so Naaz did all this.