Udaariyaan 28th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Aasma saves everyone’s lives


Udaariyaan 28th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with the terrorists scaring everyone. Aasma consoles a lady. Raja hides and looks on worried. He thinks to go and tell this to Alia and Armaan. Alia says Armaan, you will be mine tonight. Armaan is intoxicated. He says Aasma… Alia says you will be just mine, forever. Aasma calls Ekam and says the men have weapons, the entire family is there. Ekam says I have reached with my team, bomb squad is also here. Aasma stops the lady. The lady says my husband’s life is in risk, I have to go. Neetu asks everyone to run. The men threaten of shooting them. The man sees the lady and signs the other man to catch her. The lady gets caught. The man says this woman has the bomb on her body. He removes her shawl and shows the bomb. He says I have the remote, you all will die. Everyone cries in fear. Raja looks on. Alia gets close to Armaan and says you have made me long for you, now we are together. She undresses him. Aasma hides from the terrorists. She sees everyone and says where are Alia, Raja and Armaan… she sees Raja hiding. She runs to Raja. A guy runs. The goon shoots him down. Aasma stops Raja from screaming. She asks are you fine. He says yes. She asks where are Alia and Armaan. He says Armaan is with Alia, she went to talk to police. Aasma thinks did Alia do this, what does she want to do. Alia looks at Armaan. Aasma says go to Armaan and ask him to call dad, I can’t go, everyone is here, I can’t leave them, we have to save everyone, go. Raja goes. Aasma checks some pics on the phone and sees the goon. She gets Ekam’s call. Ekam says they are three people, one of them is a woman, make a video call to me. The goon catches Aasma and takes her. Aasma asks him to talk to Ekam. The goon threatens Ekam and keeps his demands. Ekam prepares to enter the place. The lady says please remove this bomb, my child will die. Aasma thinks to check the third pic.

Raja thinks Alia might be there in that room. Neetu says let us go, please. Aasma picks her phone. She checks the pic and is shocked seeing the lady. She thinks even she is with them. She makes a video call to Ekam. Ekam sees the goons. Aasma takes a fork. She catches the lady. The goon says leave her, else I will kill both of you. Aasma says shoot. Neetu says he will shoot. Aasma says this lady is with them, people are scared to help needy people because of such people. Raja hears Alia crying. He asks Alia to open the door. He goes in and sees Alia crying. He sees Armaan lying on the bed. He is shocked. The lady says my motive is something else, stay away. Aasma says shut up. She asks the men to shoot. The lady hits Aasma. Ekam and everyone worry. The lady threatens Aasma. Ekam says I will do whatever you say, don’t do anything to Aasma. Neetu says let us go.

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The goon threatens. He takes Neetu at gun point. Aasma says no, kill me, spare Neetu. Alia hugs Raja. Raja shouts Armaan and catches his neck. He asks what did you do with Alia, are you not ashamed, I will kill you. Aasma and everyone start fighting. The lady tries to run. Aasma beats her up. She asks who are you, why did you come here. The lady says my motive is something else. The bomb timer is seen. The lady hits her and runs away. She says I will meet you soon, its my promise. Aasma asks everyone to leave, the bomb is about to blast. Ekam and everyone come inside. Aasma says they have run away. The man says the bomb is fake, someone joked with us. Ekam asks what. He asks them to check the hall. Everyone praises Aasma. Ekam says you are really brave, proud of you. The lady wishes happy new year. Everyone hugs Aasma.

Ekam says this gun is not common, I will alert the unit. He goes. Aasma says Armaan… She says where is he. Raja beats Armaan. Alia says try to understand, the world is bad, they think the woman is wrong. Armaan recalls Alia. Alia asks Raja to come with her. Raja asks are you fine. They leave. Armaan falls down.

Aasma comes there and sees them going. She sees Armaan lying on the floor.

The Episode ends