Udaariyaan 26th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia frames Aasma


Udaariyaan 26th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Alia threatening Aasma. Aasma is shocked. She sees the chandelier. She runs upstairs and holds the chandelier rope. She shouts to everyone to get back. Alia smiles. She says Aasma saved everyone, can she see now, Armaan called me a liar, what about Aasma now, I wanted to show you all that she is a liar. She asks Armaan to ask Aasma if she didn’t think of him before lying to him. She blames Aasma. Aasma runs to Armaan and says trust me, I m not lying, it was not my plan, my vision came and went sometimes. He asks could you see or not. She says yes but… He says enough, why did you do this.

Bebe says tell us this is a lie. Aasma says I was able to see sometimes. Sukhi says Aasma fell in my eyes when she came between us, she broke our trust. Rani raises hand on Aasma and stops. She asks why did you do this. Aasma says trust me, I didn’t do anything, Alia wants to harm our family. Alia says you want to blame me. Aasma slaps her.

She scolds her. Alia says I m not shameless like you, else I can answer for this slap, who is here, who will support you today. Aasma says fine, I accept I got my eyesight and I went to jungle, what about Raja, he would have not gone to the tank, how did he reach there. Armaan asks Alia to answer Aasma. He says you have done this, Aasma can’t be at two places at the same time. Alia says you are believing this liar, I didn’t do anything. Sukhi says fine, I will call Raja and ask him. Raja comes there. Aasma asks him to say, how did he reach the water tank. Raja recalls. Armaan says tell us, don’t get scared, who did this.

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Raja says Alia didn’t do anything. He takes Alia with him. Everyone goes. Raja stops Alia and says I have lied for you, but Alia, you are a liar, why did you lie to everyone. She asks why did you do. He says you had mixed something in the juice, so I fell in the tanker, I was sinking, I love you a lot, why did you try to kill me, am I so bad. She says listen to me. She lies to him. She asks did I complain to anyone, you don’t love and trust me. She takes the knife in hand and acts to die. He says no, I will always trust you, forgive me, you love me, you will never cheat me, I love you. He hugs her.

Armaan says you lied to me, I fought everyone for your sake. Aasma says no, please. He pushes her and leaves. Alia asks what will you do now, this is the letter for which you were running madly, you wanted to use this against me. She burns the letter. She goes. Alia thinks I have burnt a blank paper, I have the letter, I will use it, Raja will commit suicide then Armaan will be mine.

Alia brainwashes Raja. She says the matter can get worse if you explain Armaan, I will talk to him, you know what we have to do if he doesn’t agree. Aasma stops Armaan. He argues with her. He calls her a liar. He says we should stay away and give some time to our relation, maybe you understand your mistake. Alia pities Aasma.

The episode ends