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Udaariyaan 25th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat gets critical



Udaariyaan 25th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Harleen saying I don’t want this marriage, why did you leave Ekam, Nehmat, Ekam and I shouldn’t be in this unwanted relation. She goes to jump down. Nehmat stops her and asks her to stop. Harleen says you left me alone there, you get me back from that mandap, I m bearing this unwanted relation, you have come to see me dying every day. Nehmat says I didn’t wish to come back, but fate got me back. Harleen gets angry. Nehmat slaps her and says stop it, what is this behavior. Harleen says yes, I have gone mad, I m Ekam’s wife, but he will never accept me, how shall I tell you, I hate myself. Nehmat hugs her and says don’t do this, I will do as you say. Harleen says Ekam doesn’t love me, but he is my husband, I had tried to support you, he will never be mine, I won’t force him, I have no reason to live now. Nehmat says don’t do this, come home. Harleen refuses. She says I will end myself today. Nehmat tries to stop her. Harleen pushes her away. Nehmat falls over the bridge railing and gets hurt. She falls down into the lake. Harleen also jumps and rescues Nehmat. She shouts for help. Sartaj comes there and shouts Nehmat… what happened to her. Harleen says I didn’t do anything to her, save her. Ekam comes there and gets shocked. Sartaj says I won’t let anything happen to you.

He takes Nehmat to the car. Harleen says I didn’t do anything, she came after me. Ekam says nothing will happen to her, its happening because of me. He hugs her. Sartaj gets Nehmat to the hospital. She is taken to OT. Doctor asks him to wait outside. Ekam, Rupy and family come there. Sartaj signs the consent form and says nothing will happen to her. He asks how is she. She says nothing can be said. Sartaj consoles Rupy. Harleen says this happened because of me. Ekam consoles her. Swaroop says why is Harleen saying this.

Nehmat is getting treated. Nimmo calls Sartaj and asks where is Nehmat, I feel tense today, where are you both. He says we are in Moga, Nehmat isn’t fine, she is in the hospital, she is critical, please pray for her. She worries. Rupy and Satti cry for Nehmat. Swaroop consoles Harleen.

Ekam also consoles Rupy. Sartaj says I have to see Nehmat. Nurse says please don’t disturb us. Satti asks is she fine. She asks Sartaj to pray once and see. Naaz comes and asks Harleen were you with Nehmat, such mistake happens when hatred gets high. Harleen says stop nonsense, I can never think of hurting Nehmat. Ekam is praying for Nehmat at the Gurudwara. Sartaj also comes there to pray for Nehmat. He thinks of their moments and prays. He thinks I didn’t know this will happen with me, why is this happening and why did she become so imp for me, that I have come here to pray for her. Ekam turns and sees Sartaj.

The episode ends



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