Udaariyaan 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Jasmin apologizes to Naaz


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The Episode starts with Naaz crying and recalling Jasmin. Jasmin asks her to come. Naaz stops and recalls her letter. She turns to go. Jasmin stops her. She says I have come to meet you, when I got to know about your marriage, I have come. She hugs Naaz. Naaz pushes her away and scolds her. She asks how did you leave me. Jasmin says someone forced me to leave. Naaz asks who forced you. Rupy says everything is ending. Satti says we are preparing for one daughter’s marriage, other daughter’s childhood relation broke. Lovely and Harman ask her not to worry. Nehmat hears them and acts happy. She says maybe Rupy is right, time isn’t supporting Ekam and me now, it will be clear soon, we have to wait till then, we will just celebrate happiness about Naaz’s marriage, don’t get sad, we will have sweets, come. She sings and dances.

Satti pacifies Nehmat and hugs. Jasmin says I love you a lot, your future was most imp for me, you know how I saved you from your dad and got you to India, I was happy that finally, you will be between your family, but Tejo and her daughter were imp for dad. Nehmat is shopping with Shelly. Mallika also comes there. Shelly asks Mallika to see their shopping. She asks Nehmat to try the dress. Nehmat says its good. Shelly insists her. Nehmat goes to try to dress. Ekam comes to the mall. Nehmat stops and turns around. Ekam also looks around. Mera ishq tu hai…plays…

She goes to the trial room. Ekam asks the lady about Mallika. The lady says she is in trial room. He sees Shelly and says it means Nehmat and Naaz are also here. Jasmin says I had no way, dad asked me to leave from Moga forever, would you stay happy with me, no, right, so I went alone, it was right, if you left with me, then you would have seen poverty. Naaz cries and says yes, this expensive ring, watch, jewellery and car, I wish everyone gets such poverty, you stayed away from me, you didn’t call me once, where do you stay, in this world or someone else. Jasmin says the man who married me and took me to Canada, he kept a condition that I will never bring my past, what could I do, I knew my parents might hate me but love you the most, you had everything, I gave you many relations, I had no choice, so I went to Canada and stayed with that man. Naaz asks why did you come back, fine, I have everything, many relations and a cousin, everyone loves her more than me, no one loves me, I was alone, its fine, I have Nikhil now, he loves me a lot, he has much money, he will spend a lot on me, he is mad about me.

Jasmin says tell me, do you love him. Naaz asks what’s this question, who are you to ask me. Jasmin says I m your mum, I care for you. Naaz says you don’t care for me, I don’t want my missing mum back in my life, don’t come in front of my Sasural. The light goes. Ekam hears Nehmat and runs. Nehmat falls down. Ekam enters the trial room and sees Nehmat stuck in the dress. Deen hai tu…plays.. Ekam helps her. The Lights come. Ekam leaves. Nehmat sits crying. Jasmin says I m so happy that you are getting married. Naaz says don’t meet anyone. Jasmin says fine, you can go but I got a gift for you. She thinks I m your mum, I know how to convince you. She asks Naaz not to refuse to the gift. She gives the diamond necklace. Naaz says this diamond set is really beautiful, it would be costly right. Jasmin says no, not more than your happiness, keep it. Shelly and Nehmat wait for the cab. Mallika asks what happened. Shelly says cab isn’t booking. Mallika says we will drop you. Shelly hugs her. Nehmat says no, we will go by auto. Nehmat sees Ekam. Naaz says one who has power and money, has everything, I have it because of Nikhil, he can buy such 50 sets for me, I don’t need your husband’s charity. Jasmin thinks she is very stubborn. She says listen to me, I m your mum, I have no one in this world except you, please stop. Naaz cries. Jasmin gets Harleen’s call. Harleen asks why are you disconnecting my calls, mom. Jasmin says Naaz, wait. Naaz says you have another daughter, you are so fake. She calls her fraud and liar. Jasmin asks her to listen. Naaz goes. Jasmin says I will take care of you, and see that Nehmat, is she creating a problem in your life, is Nikhil someone to ask for money. Shelly tells Mallika about Naaz’s bridal lehenga. Ekam plays music. Ranjha…plays… Nehmat and Ekam recall their moment. He stops the song. Mallika says it was good music. He says I don’t like it.

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Ekam drops them home. Shelly thanks Ekam and Mallika. She asks Nehmat to come. Ekam turns away. Nehmat cries seeing him. Mallika gets sad seeing them. Nehmat’s phone falls. Ekam picks it and hands over. Her dupatta gets stuck in his bracelet. Laakh tu karle….plays… He removes the stuck dupatta. She takes her phone. She gets down the car. Mallika thinks I will try to unite them tomorrow in mehendi. Jasmin recalls Naaz’s words. She says I will be in Naaz’s mehendi tomorrow, I will decide what to do and how. Ekam removes the bracelet gifted by Nehmat. He thinks I won’t let anyone spoil my sister’s special day. He leaves. Nehmat thinks its my best friend and sister’s marriages. She prays for Ekam and herself.

Ekam and Nehmat have a moment. He holds her in arms. Jasmin performs in the function. Satti says I find this girl familiar.