Udaariyaan 22nd September 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Aasma go to Shimla on honeymoon


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The Episode starts with Aasma leaving. Alia takes the tiffin to throw. He says don’t insult food. She says you are insulting my love. He says my team is with you, go home now, it’s a matter of few days, once the marriage is registered, all the problems will end. He hugs her. Its morning, Armaan brings Raja home. Everyone smiles. Sukhi says Raja, you are lucky, Armaan and Aasma proved they worry a lot for you, Aasma took you to hospital and saved you, Armaan donated blood to you. Armaan says Raja is my life. Sukhi says you both will get rewarded. Rano says you both get to know each other. Sukhi says you have to take care of Aasma, I booked your Shimla tickets, go and enjoy. Armaan sees Aasma. Aasma recalls his words. He says no, I can’t go. Sukhi asks why. Armaan says I will do some job, earn money and then take my wife on the trip. Aasma says I think he is saying right. Sukhi says its our right and duty, do the packing, your flight is tomorrow. Armaan shouts I don’t want to go, can’t I decide. Aasma worries. Baby says Aasma has got Sukhi in her control. Neetu jokes and laughs. Sukhi says you have to go. Armaan argues and goes. Sukhi says just do the packing. Aasma asks why is Sukhi forcing Armaan. Rano says you shouldn’t miss this golden chance, convince Armaan, if you stay together then love will increase.

Its morning, Armaan and Aasma come to the Shimla hotel. They see the decorations in the honeymoon suite. She asks are you angry, you are forced to come here. He says this is too much. She says yes. They clear the rose petals hearts from the bed. The man comes and gives the cake. Armaan says staff might have sent this, I will go and talk, you freshen up. Armaan goes and asks who has sent this. The man says the guest in that room. Armaan knocks the door. Aasma says I will talk to Armaan today, maybe he tells me his feelings, this outfit may be too much. Armaan enters the room. Alia pushes him on the bed. He asks what are you doing here. She says I m here to have a vacation, what are you doing here. He says dad had booked the tickets. She scolds him. He asks her to listen. Aasma says Armaan isn’t happy with the marriage, is there anything else, I will talk to him and clear it, maybe its not like I m thinking. Armaan explains Alia. Dadi blesses Sukhi. Lawyer comes home and says Armaan asked for marriage registration. He gives the papers. Sukhi thanks him. He asks Rano to keep the papers safe. He says I need time for my work, keep an eye on Armaan. He leaves. Rano asks why does Armaan registering the marriage, pandit makes the couple marry. Baby and Neetu say Aasma would have asked him to do this, she is clever. Rano thinks.

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Armaan asks Alia to understand, marriage will get registered, then we will unite. Alia says I came to spend time with you, your dad doesn’t let us meet. He gets a call and says I have to go. She says you will have dinner with me, right. He says yes. She says I have booked the table at the best restaurant. He thinks what shall I tell Aasma. He goes. She says I will see how you spend time with Aasma. Aasma is on call. Armaan comes and hears her. He says she has also made booking in the same restaurant. He asks are you going somewhere. She says we are going, get ready soon.

He says I have some work, I will meet you there, I have to talk to manager, we can go out tomorrow, I will go, you look good. He goes. She says strange, he is planning for tomorrow. Armaan comes there and meets Alia. Two men look at them and smile. Alia asks how do I look. Armaan compliments her. She says I have a surprise, close your eyes. The man says she will take him to room, then door close and then lights close. Alia shows Alia loves Armaan written. Alia and Armaan dance. Aasma reaches there. Armaan says I m in tension, please go, Aasma can come anytime. Aasma says I have to talk to him, don’t know where is he. Armaan says go. Alia says no, sit here. Armaan and Alia see Aasma. He turns. Alia says I won’t go now. Armaan says please go, get up. The men see Aasma. One of them whistle and ask are you alone, do you want company. She shows her bridal bangles and goes. The man says we will find one. Alia says promise me, you will have dinner with Aasma and come to me. Armaan says promise. Armaan asks Alia to go. Alia says we will take a pic. They smile and take a selfie. Aasma comes there and looks on.

The episode ends.