Udaariyaan 22nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia risks Aasma’s life


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The Episode starts with Aasma getting the letter. She thinks what’s written in it. She recalls talking to the doctor about blur vision and blackouts. Doctor says don’t put pressure on your eyes. She says don’t tell this to my family. Aasma prays. She drops the paper. She sees Alia coming. She hides. Alia smiles and enters the room. She changes clothes and comes. She doesn’t see Aasma. She says was Armaan telling the truth, does he still love me. Aasma hears her. Alia says Armaan gave me these jhumkas, I will see if he remembers it. Something falls. Alia turns to see. Aasma hides. Neetu calls out Alia. Alia goes. Aasma takes her stick and leaves. She says I wish I could read that letter. Armaan sees Alia’s earrings.

He says don’t wear these earrings again. Alia asks why, didn’t you like it, you had given this to me. He says I remember, keep these memories from me and yourself, I feel ashamed of this feeling, I don’t want to hurt my heart more. He goes. Alia smiles happily. She says what did this happen, Armaan is serious about me, I have to close Raja’s chapter soon, so that Armaan and my love story starts again. Aasma comes to the room. Armaan asks what’s this plan, I hate myself when I go close to Alia. Aasma says its okay, I understand, its difficult, but… FB shows Armaan and Aasma talking about Alia.

He says I know what Alia fed in Raja’s mind, I understand it now. Aasma says Alia has provoked Raja to this limit, that he was talking about suicide. He is shocked. He says I will go and talk to him. She says we have to make her sure that she won and we lost. He asks what. She says yes, its imp. FB ends. Armaan says I can’t do this drama, I wish I had lost my eyesight. He goes. She says sorry, my eyesight didn’t go completely, it comes and goes. He recalls Alia and gets angry. Alia is happy. Aasma says Alia is planning something dangerous. Armaan comes. She asks did you hear what I said. He says yes. He gets doctor’s call. She asks him not to go. He says I have promised you, I will get your eyesight back. He goes. She says Raja’s life is in danger. Alia looks for the letter. The letter flies out of the room. She worries. Aasma prays to Matarani. Sukhi asks her to be careful. He asks Rano to handle Aasma. He scolds Rano. Aasma says please, Rano takes good care of me, don’t talk to her like this. He says no one will teach me what to do. He goes. Aasma says he has to say sorry. Rano says this can’t happen. Aasma says you show him by your silence, you won’t tolerate this insult, you have a right to do so. They go. Alia asks Raja to give the letter. He says I swear, I don’t have it. Rano shouts Alia. Alia worries. Rano scolds Alia.

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She says Raja has mixed all the spices, see. Alia is relieved. She says sorry, he goes to kitchen on his own. Alia thinks maybe no one got that letter. She sees Aasma. Neetu asks where did Aasma go. Alia says I will do the massage, you go and take rest. Neetu goes. Alia spills the oil on the floor. Alia asks Aasma to come ahead. Alia steps on the oil and falls down. Aasma asks are you fine. Raja comes and holds Alia. He asks her to be careful. He goes. Alia thinks is Aasma acting. Aasma asks are you fine, what happened. Alia throws a vase at her. Aasma drops the stick and sits to pick it. She asks did anything fall. Alia gets confused. Aasma calls Armaan. She asks Armaan what did the doctor say, will my eyes get fine. Alia asks will you come with me to the terrace. Aasma says good idea, we will go. Alia misguides Aasma to make her fall down the terrace. Aasma stops at the edge. Armaan comes home. He sees Aasma about to fall down. Aasma falls down the terrace. Alia is shocked. Armaan shouts Aasma and runs.

The episode ends