Udaariyaan 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kabir gets killed

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The Episode starts with Aasma saying you have to prove that Armaan and you have an affair. She recalls Armaan’s words. She confronts him about Alia and his closeness. He tells her everything. Aasma says just prove it, and I will go away from your life. Alia doesn’t take a call and says its not imp. Aasma says just tell me, you have told me the truth or lie, I don’t trust you, give me proof, and I will believe you. Alia says fine, I will give you the proof. Aasma gets Harleen’s call. Harleen says I miss you so much. Aasma says I can’t forget you for what you did. She gets Kabir’s call and says I will call you later. Harleen says you think Kabir is right, he had thrown Armaan and Alia’s passports, is he right, no, he did a lot of things. She ends call. Aasma says Kabir….

She answers Kabir’s call. Kabir asks why did you meet Alia, stay away from you. She says no, I need to talk. He screams. She worries. The call ends. She recalls Kabir’s words. She rushes to meet Kabir. Armaan sees Aasma leaving in the car. He follows her. Aasma comes to Kabir’s house and asks how can you do this, you framed Armaan and Alia in Canada, you helped mumma, why, answer me. She switches on the lights. She gets shocked seeing her pics on the walls. She recalls the stalker. She is shocked seeing the mask.

She says you were scaring me since many days, you call me your best friend, answer me, how can you do this. Kabir falls down. She gets shocked seeing the knife stabbed on his back. She removes the knife. Someone clicks her pics. She shouts Kabir. Armaan comes and holds his head in shock. Aasma says I didn’t kill him, Armaan. He asks how did this happen. He sees some shadow and asks who is there. The person runs. Armaan asks Aasma what are you doing. She says we have to inform police. He says no, someone clicked your pic with the knife, what will you tell the police, we have to think of some way.

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He washes her hands. She says we can’t leave Kabir, please let me call the police. He says proofs are against you, this knife has your fingerprint, what will you tell the police. She says I didn’t kill Kabir, I trust law, I will tell them. He says we can’t do anything, try to understand. He gets Ekam’s call. He asks Aasma not to tell anything. Aasma makes an excuse. Ekam says we found that stalker, its Kabir, I m going to his house, are you fine. She says yes, I will call you later. She cries and says Armaan, let me tell dad, else we will get more trapped. Armaan says you think he will trust you, he is your dad, but a police officer first, we have to think with a calm mind.

Aasma says I didn’t kill Kabir, we will tell dad. Armaan asks her to go and open car dickey. She says no. He asks her to go. Armaan takes Kabir. Ekam reaches there and calls out Kabir. He sees Aasma’s pics everywhere. Armaan says sit in the car. They leave.

Ekam calls Sukhi and says don’t worry, this case will get solved soon. Aasma’s car lights get broken. Armaan says Aasma, I will drive. Rano calls Armaan and asks is Aasma with you. He says yes, why. She says Kabir was the stalker, come home soon. Aasma says Kabir is my childhood friend, how can he do this, I didn’t know this, who can kill him. Armaan says I don’t understand, did he tell you anything, try to recall. Ekam comes there. They get worried. Ekam asks what are you doing here. Armaan says since Aasma got to know Kabir was the stalker, she is feeling bad, I got her here for a change. Ekam says its okay, I understand, we got to know his truth on time, I will not let him go anywhere, its about my daughter’s life, go home now. Aasma cries and says we will tell him. Armaan says no. Ekam sees something and asks what’s this, Armaan. They worry.

The episode ends