Udaariyaan 21st June 2023 Written Episode Update: Harleen condemns Ekam


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The Episode starts with Ekam saying I asked Nehmat not to leave me, else I can’t live without her. Harleen says such a big cheat, you wanted to keep a relation with Nehmat when I m with you, do you want to marry Nehmat or have an affair with her. He says no. She asks him to say it’s a lie. He says it’s the truth, my feelings made me mad, I didn’t understand what to do, I blackmailed Nehmat. She asks did she agree. He recalls Nehmat.

He tells her everything and cries. He says Nehmat had to agree. Harleen gets away. He says she supported me to bring us together, I wanted to keep her close, I didn’t think of you, she has slapped my conscience today and made me realize how low I fell down.

Nehmat packs her bags. Sartaj comes. She says I have no reason to stay here now, come. Nehmat and Sartaj leave. Harleen says I knew you love Nehmat, but didn’t know this. She scolds him. Kismat kismat… plays… Nehmat and Sartaj lock the house and leave. Harleen says I know you never loved me, you will never love me, I had no issue with you, but I didn’t doubt your loyalty, I have seen you crying for Nehmat, I used to think you will accept our relation, thanks for breaking my illusion, you expect me to trust you, how shall I trust. He says don’t trust me, I have always broken your trust, Nehmat isn’t in my life now, she is my past, give me a chance, you are imp to me, I will keep this relation, you can go if you want, but I will wait for your return, forgive me, trust me once.

Satti asks is everything fine. Rupy says this photo frame broke. She says don’t worry, I will ask Abhiraj to fix this, things are getting fine. He says Nehmat can’t do wrong, I know she isn’t weak, don’t know I feel we are losing something. Ekam says please talk to me, I hate myself, you know I m not like this, don’t stay silent. Harleen goes home. He follows. She scolds him a lot. She says you have hurt me and insulted me in front of Nehmat. She refuses to listen to him. Harleen cries and sits washing utensils. Ekam says sorry Harleen. She says one shouldn’t trust anyone, Nehmat used to act great. Jasmin comes and asks her to come with her. She says I will show you what Ekam is doing. Ekam says Harleen will get hurt. Jasmin asks what are you doing here, you are hurting her, you aren’t ashamed to have an affair with Nehmat. She asks how can Nehmat love her sister’s husband. She says Harleen trusts Nehmat, she is blind in her love, I will show her the truth today. Sartaj and Nehmat come to Sandhu house. Renuka asks why did you come here, to insult us? She scolds Sartaj.

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Rupy says give him a chance to say. Renuka doesn’t listen. Jasmin asks Harleen to see what her husband and sister are doing. She says see these pics. Harleen cries. Jasmin says I had a doubt on them, now I have seen them, you always say that its not Nehmat’s mistake, do you want to stay here and get cheated, come home with me, you may love Ekam, he doesn’t deserve your hatred.

Nehmat says I had made a mistake last time, I don’t want to do it this time. Sartaj and Nehmat ask everyone to return home to get their answers.