Udaariyaan 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia lies to Aasma

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Udaariyaan 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan taking Alia to some place. She hugs him. Aasma comes and looks at them. She cries. Alia sees Aasma. She recalls bribing the goons and asking them to help her. She says your work will happen easily, I m ASP Ekam’s daughter. The goon agrees. FB ends. Armaan says I m going out, stay here, keep the door shut. He goes. Alia thinks I have done everything to show Aasma that she can’t snatch Armaan from me. She acts to see Aasma. Aasma cries. She asks why did Armaan transfer money to your account. Alia says he loves me, I have done this on his saying, its just a drama. She says it was just a drama, you know everything. She smiles. Aasma cries.

Armaan goes to the goon’s place and looks for Aasma. He asks where are you. Aasma recalls Armaan and her moments. Armaan runs on the roads and asks people for Aasma. He runs to PCO and calls her. Aasma sits crying in the middle of the road. Alia says I won’t let you get Armaan. Armaan stops the car and shouts. He gets shocked seeing Aasma. He runs and hugs her.

He says thank God, you are fine, where did you go, I had looked for you everywhere, I felt I might lose you. They leave in the car. Alia calls Kabir and says our plan worked, I m so happy. Kabir says our plan had to work. She says you will get Aasma, congrats. He says you will get your Armaan. Armaan and Aasma come home. Sukhi asks where were you both, who did this, tell me, I will kill him. Armaan says this happened because of me, they didn’t give me Dangal reward money, I had to take money, the money got stolen, those men got after me, they kidnapped Aasma, this all happened. Rano says thank God, you both came home safely, I will pray for you two at the Gurudwara, take Aasma inside, she will rest, I will send some food. Aasma goes. Sukhi thinks something happened with Aasma. Aasma recalls Alia’s words. She imagines Armaan. She says I have to step back and take this decision. She sleeps. Its morning, Armaan comes to Aasma. He gets breakfast for her. She holds his hand. She wakes up and sees him. He says I got breakfast for you and also this gift. She asks what. He says new phone for you, I have to go to garage, you can take rest today. She says I m not going to NGO today. He leaves. She checks the phone.

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She calls Alia and says meet me near the temple, I need to talk. She thinks to take this step. Aasma prays at the temple. Alia smiles and asks do you want to stay in this relation and get cheated, or become free of it. Aasma finishes the prayers and comes to her. Alia asks what did you decide. Aasma says you are right, I will leave forever. Alia gets happy. Aasma says but I have a condition. Alia asks what condition. Aasma says you have to prove that Armaan had really sent 15 lakhs to your account. Alia worries. She asks proof, what proof, you had seen Armaan and me together. Aasma asks were you drunk when Armaan met you, you have to prove your affair with him.

The episode ends.