Udaariyaan 1st July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nehmat goes into labor


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The Episode starts with Ekam and Harleen cutting the cake and celebrating. Alia plays music. They all dance. Sartaj says every day brings a new morning, hope is the new name of life, never leave hope. Nehmat says you never let me leave hope, I promise, I will never lose hope. He says I didn’t leave hope, you didn’t say yes till now. She asks for car keys. He says I will drive and take you to market. She gets summer camp logo and shows it to him. They like. Alia shows the summer camp cool logo. Harleen says you won’t go. Ekam asks why. She says she won’t go. He says 2 days are left, your decision can change. She says no, Alia won’t go. She goes. Alia says I will convince her. Jasmin calls Harleen and says Alia is smart and intelligent like me, let her go to summer camp, its good for her. Harleen says sorry, I can’t make her away, I m scared. Jasmin says you don’t need to worry, Alia and Ekam are yours, how long will you stop her, let her enjoy her life. Harleen thinks. Alia says Nani will convince mumma. Harleen comes to convince Alia. She tickles Alia. She asks why were you angry on me, please understand, I can’t send you. Alia says all my friends are going, let me go. Harleen says I got you by much difficulty, I can’t make you away from me. Ravi and Sargun see them and talk if Ekam and Nehmat won’t unite. They talk about true love. 6 years ago, Nehmat is rushed to the hospital. She imagines Ekam with her. Ekam and Harleen come to the same hospital to meet the surrogacy specialist Dr. Meena. He sees Nehmat’s car and recalls. He says that pregnant lady was in this car, I hope she is fine. He prays for Nehmat and her baby. Doctor checks Nehmat and says she has high bp, case is critical, we have to induce labor. She asks who is with her, who is her husband, go and find out. Ekam and Harleen ask for Dr. Meera Arora. Nurse asks them to wait or come tomorrow. Harleen says we will wait.

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Nehmat says doctor told me about this situation, when bp can get high and just either of mum and baby can get saved, please save my baby, take me for delivery before it gets late, do c-section, I m ready to sign consent form. The nurses talk about Nehmat’s case. Ekam and Harleen hear this. They hear Nehmat’s screams. Ekam thinks I feel restless. He prays for her. Sartaj looks for Nehmat. He sees the broken glass. He calls the doctor and asks is Nehmat at your clinic. Doctor says no, she didn’t come. He says I will go and check nearby hospitals.

Nimmo meets Jasmin at the Gurudwara. Jasmin says thanks, you are a typical vamp of tv serials, I came to ask your welfare, why are you feeling bad, how are you. Nimmo asks why did you come to Gurudwara. Jasmin taunts her. They argue. Sartaj calls Nimmo. Nimmo thinks I can’t take your call right now, Jasmin shouldn’t know that Nehmat is here and she is pregnant with Ekam’s child.

Nehmat asks Doctor to save her child. She prays for her child. Satti and everyone pray. Swaroop prays for Nehmat. Satti says I feel tensed, call Nimmo and ask her about that girl, it was her godh bharai. Swaroop calls Nimmo. She says call isn’t reachable. She thinks they love Nehmat, is she fine. Doctor asks Nehmat to calm down and breathe, just push. Nehmat gets fainting. Harleen says Ekam… Ekam says I can’t hear this, how is she tolerating the pain. Harleen says I feel weird, family should be there. Ekam says yes.

Ekam gets shocked seeing Nehmat and her baby. Harleen looks on shocked. She cries.