Udaariyaan 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Alia follows Aasma

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Udaariyaan 19th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Baby falling and holding the cactus. She gets hurt. Armaan and Aasma argue. Aasma calls him a monkey and laughs at him. Armaan calls her a foreign cat. He goes. Aasma sees her dress and worries. Baby thinks do they always fight, something is wrong. Aasma goes. Rano comes and asks her to get ready fast. Aasma says I had one yellow suit, I don’t know what to wear now. Armaan gets Raja on his back. They sing. Rano asks Armaan to take Aasma to the market and buy a yellow dress. He refuses. Aasma says its okay, I will go. Sukhi says Armaan will go, how will bahu go alone. He asks Rano to keep his clothes ready.

Alia gets angry and asks why isn’t Armaan picking my phone. Armaan argues with Aasma. She says we are married, my suit got spoiled, Rano asked us to go to the market. Aasma goes. Rano asks Armaan to go with Aasma. Alia thinks to call Aasma. She calls Aasma and talks to her. She sees Aasma in the mirror. Aasma says I m going to market, Armaan is at home. Armaan comes there on the bike. Alia says Aasma is lying, she is going with Armaan. Armaan and Aasma start arguing again. Armaan says you have to go with me, shall I make you sit on the bike like before. Aasma turns and smiles. She sits on the bike. Alia looks on.

Aasma holds Armaan. They come for shopping. A lady asks Aasma to buy clothes of her husband’s choice. Aasma asks Armaan to select the dress. The shopkeeper shows the dresses. The dupatta falls over Aasma and Armaan’s head. He goes to take a call. Alia comes there and says I will select the dress for you. He says what is Alia doing here, she may tell anything to Aasma.

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Alia greets Armaan. She holds his hand. some kids record them. Alia sees them and leaves his hand. The kids run to their mum and shows the pic. Alia goes and drops the water on the phone. She says I will pay money for the phone. The lady says no need. Aasma buys the dress. She asks Alia will you come with us. Alia says you go, I have to do shopping. Aasma gets a call. She talks to Minty.

Armaan and Alia go aside. Alia argues with him. He goes. She says I won’t let you and Aasma get close. Rano asks Armaan to do the aarti with Aasma. Baby thinks Aasma can’t do the next rasam. She instructs Aasma to make food on the traditional stove. Sukhi says Baby’s word is final. Rano explains it to Aasma. Baby names many dishes. Aasma says sure. Baby asks her to go fast and make Uple. Aasma goes to make Uple. She checks on net. Baby comes there and smiles. Baby laughs. Rano comes and looks on. Baby asks Rano not to help Aasma. Armaan plays chess with Raja. He says I will come. Alia thinks to call Raja. She asks where is Armaan. Raja says he went to Aasma, she is preparing food today. Alia thinks to do something.

The episode ends.